Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beaded Ornaments - Not Just for Christmas!

I've been quiet this week... not resting or sleeping... just not typing or spending much time on the computer.   

Because I've been in Bead Heaven!  Yes, I've been playing with a few styles of ornaments that I want to make available in my store.

The Inspiration
When my mom & I used to go Christmas shopping together (when I was a little girl) I relished the thought of not only the 1-on-1 time with Mom, but also going store to store, up and down the aisles finding the "perfect" ornaments for each of my siblings.  It was a tradition every year my parents got each of us a special ornament... whether it was a gold foiled golf ball (for me), or a Camaro ornament (for my brother), or a puppy or a handblown bubble, choosing from so many ornaments was always so much fun!

My favorite Christmas Ornaments and the ones that always caught my eye were either A. really delicate or B. SUPER detailed.  We would browse in the "fancy" garden centers at the artisan crafted ornaments and I'd drool over all those beads... they were just dripping for those beautiful glass balls.  They were also a gazillion $ and not something I would get as a kid.

But now... as an adult... and an artisan in my own life, I've decided that I could make something similar.  A beaded ornament that is stunning and detailed and could be passed down through the generations to become an heirloom.  I dream of a Designs by Dawn Marie beaded ornament adorning the tops of pianos, or curio cabinets or fireplace mantles hanging on beautiful ornament stands and cherished all year long!

Ahhhh, to dream!  It's what keeps the bounce in our step and the inspiration in our creativity!
What are some of your favorite holiday memories?  I'd love to hear!

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Pretty Things said...

Those are INCREDIBLE, and look like they took forever to make! You should be so proud!

marsspyder said...

I heart beaded ornaments so very, very much. I'm making them too :)

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thank you both Lori & Amy! I appreciate your comments. You can't beat playing in beads with Jingle Bells cranking out of the stereo! LOL

I think Santa would be proud! Hope your weekends are marvelous!


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