Monday, November 15, 2010

Open House in Review!

What a wonderful experience I had this weekend for my Holiday Open House.  I spent the last week or two cleaning and prepping my studio and decorating for the holidays.  All the invitations were sent out (I have to say paper invitations in the mail increase your success rate by 10,000% seriously!)

Saturday proved to be cold, windy and raining - BUT - it didn't affect the turn out!  People were to so happy and ready to celebrate and share in the festivities.  We sipped on Hot Sangria.... which was delicious, sampled some Tastefully Simple dips, bread and desserts and feasted on homemade cookies generously baked by my mom.  Thanks Mom!

In addition to my custom designed jewelry, my dear friend Angela was displaying and sampling her Mary Kay products.  The Tastefully Simple was demonstrated by another local business woman Roberta Pollak (FYI I'm closing out my party this week, so if you need to restock your Bacon Bacon or Garlic Garlic - or any other T.S. products, let me know and I'd be happy to put your order in for you).

Finally I had my good friend Stacy Petersen sent up some of her amazing crafts.  Stacy sent ornaments, bookmarks, fabric baskets, brag books... it was like Christmas for me just opening the box!  I put up a great display of all of her crafts and was able to have her here in spirit with me!  People just loved the variety and I think I can speak for all of us that we were all very pleased with the end result.

Angela and I - bff's since we were 14! ♥
The results of the open house were amazing!  It exceeded my expectations and made me even more excited to spread Christmas cheer this holiday season! (For more photos, click this link to my Facebook photo album ) And now, I'm headed back to the studio to tidy up and work on some custom orders from over the weekend!  Hope you all have a TERRIFIC week!


P.S.  If you're wondering where the photos are with all the people... ummm, yeah, I was flapping my jaw and socializing so much I forgot to get the camera out... nice, right?  Silly me...


Julianna Cannon said...

It looks fantastic, Dawn! I am so glad it was a success, and I am not sitting over here pouting because I didn't get to come play. (yes I am)

Well done!

TesoriTrovati said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the experience with us!
Enjoy the day!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!!

Happy it was a grand success for you!

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Congratulations on your successful Open House! Everything looks so pretty and festive!

slmpetersen said...

Look how cute you are! Thanks for hosting my goodies, maybe next time I'll be there in person!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks all! It was a ton of fun and such a good learning experience. As I travel throughout the web this morning, I'm reading about several people that are selling at craft shows and the like this weekend.

It's hunting season here in WI, so the craft stores and fabric stores will be busy as the ladies are buying their supplies to make their X-mas presents!

Hope your weekend is superb!


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