Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm Jonsin' for Doughnuts - anybody going to the store?

Since Thanksgiving is this coming week, and we're all preparing to stuff ourselves beyond the levels of self control, I've opted to busy my fingers writing a blog post this morning rather than throwing on some shoes and driving to the store for fresh baked sugary goodness stuffed with Bavarian Custard and frosted with delicious chocolate frosting.  Less calories AND I get to tell you how much I appreciate you reading my blog.  Tell that to my craving stomach muscle!!

This week has been spent wrapping up loose ends from my open house last weekend and getting a few custom orders done and almost out the door.  (Note to Mother Nature: Mama needs some sunshine so I can snap some photos before I let my loving creations fly out with the post.  Thank you very much!)  I've also been working at getting some pieces listed in my Artfire Store that weren't ready to go to a new home last weekend.

Since I know many of my customers right now are shopping for holiday gifts, in addition to gift boxing, I'm also offering gift wrapping.  That's one less package they need to worry about and one less paper cut they have to grumble through.  :)

One of the latest pieces I listed was created from my own shopping experience.  I love the look of bracelets, but every bracelet I try on is too big.  A 7 1/2" bracelet slides over my wrist like a dog on ice.  So I challenged myself to create a bracelet for those women with petite wrists that would be comfortable and fit perfectly.

This style is created using the herringbone stitch so it lays beautifully flat on the wrist letting you forget you are even wearing it.  I just love this pattern because it's totally flexible to ANY size you want to make it.  So it works for any woman!  Want to see more pictures, check it out here!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!
Thanks for helping me get over my craving for doughnuts!  Maybe this is the type of doughnut I should be jonsin' for! :)


Azure Islands Designs said...

Your donuts description made my stomach growl! :0) One thing I love but rarely made it sound so tasty...

Great bracelet I like wide or chunky, a bracelet that is substantial.
I understand the sizing issue...which is why I'm always open to adjustments at my shows. I generally make bracelets 7in or 7.5in and always offer to well for me! Having said that ready made bracelets with the exception of the silver ones don't sell as well as necklaces and earrings...I thought everyone loved bracelets they way I do...guess not!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Dawn...


Kristen said...

UUMMM I love this gorgeous bracelet and ummmm can I use that design for a pairing? I mean I really really love it and I have the cubes and seeds for this! Let me know if it is ok to copy this. You just helped me out of a slump with your beady goodness!



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