Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow - I love ya tomorrow

You're always a day away! :)  Yes tomorrow, I'm participating in a girls night out at a dear friends house to celebrate the opening of her own salon.  I visited the salon on Monday to check it out and I'm absolutely over the moon that's she's realizing her dream.

I'm all about spreading the love and celebrating those people that have become dear friends from around the globe.  So here's some great blog reads that are hot this week... and I really hope you take a moment to check them out.  You'll thank me... swear. :~)

Stacy Petersen - In this post she blogged about the importance of forming a team or a tribe of online supporters that continue to motivate, inspire and help each other out.

Juli Cannon - JulsBeads is having an incredible sale... well she's really got 2 great deals going on.  A sale in her Etsy Store that ends TONIGHT, but also you can own her skills for a day... and let me tell you, what that woman accomplishes in 8 hours will AMAZE you.  I've done this with her and am STILL using up what she sent me.  Seriously!

Meg Carter - as a sea glass artist, Meg always aims for natural in her photos.  Well this week she blogged about tips for taking great beach photos.

Kristen Stevens - as a seed beader, Kristen does a pattern review this week of an incredible necklace.  The message behind the design from the artist is so inspiring.  You'll love it!

Nicole Campanella - the Beadwright is creating like crazy!  She's finished several new beading patterns that are just stunning!

I've enjoyed these reads this week and I hope you do too!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Julianna Cannon said...

Thanks for the bloggy love, Dawn. You are made of awesome.


Meg Carter said...

Dawn you rock as always, thanks for the love! :)


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