Monday, May 2, 2011

YEAH - I fueled up - no more E

Finally, this weekend, spring decided to show up... Mother Nature has been traveling blindfolded and backwards since the "official" start of spring back in MARCH... Yes, it's remained cold, we've gotten snow and my tulips and daffodils have been crying - until this past Friday.

Friday brought glorious skies, warm sunshine and lobster red forearms from sitting out on the patio of a local coffee shop catching up with a dear friend for a few hours.  Seriously 2 hours turned my very pale, freckled Irish arms to the likes of Sebastion on My Little Mermaid. :)

I was able to hand deliver the chocolate swirls necklace and earrings this weekend.  I have to share, seeing the reaction on Jenna's face when she actually saw the jewelry in person for the first time was priceless.  If gas wasn't EightyBazillionJillion dollars per gallon, I'd hand deliver all my orders... everywhere.  But it is, so I won't be doing that anytime soon.

The sun also completely refilled my creativity tank.  When I have too many days in a row of no sunshine, the fuel meter on my creativity tank dips lower and lower and l-o-w-e-r... get the drift.  So after more than a week... I was running on E.  These last 72 hours of sunshine have be so very welcome.

I have designed a special piece for the Mother's Day Challenge at Artbeads.  No pictures yet.... I'll keep you waiting with baited breath! :)  I also designed a beautiful Ivory pearl necklace with special hand beaded focal beads.  Looking forward to sharing that with you as well!

For now... I'll share with you a photo of a new pair of earrings I created with some beautiful lampwork beads by JulsBeads!  These will be available in my Artfire Store shortly!

Hope your week is filled with creativity!


Azure Islands Designs said...

I'm sure Jenna was thrilled with her is gorgeous!

We haven't had much of spring here yet either...cloudy, cold rainy...not the greatest but at least it isn't winter least that is what I keep saying, :~)

Lovely earrings, delicate...
Have a great day Dawn.

The Ortegas said...

Dawn, I wish you could be there with all of your customers when they see their purchases! You'd always be amazed! My new jewelry is fabulous and knowing how much love and positive energy goes into it makes it even better!!! Love you and your lobster arms :)

Julianna Cannon said...

I just know Jenna was thrilled with that set~ It is so gorgeous and unique. yay!

Beautiful earrings! Ya know, if you could stop making every single bead you buy from me into something completely awesome, I could stop wanting every single one back.

Much love!

Kristen said...

I am jealous of Jenna but oh so happy that she loved it! You rock Juls beads!


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