Monday, May 23, 2011

Wait Monday Don't Lose me...

I can't believe we're headed into the evening already.  My Monday has been NUTS... wait, back up... the last 3 days have been nuts.  But heck, I should be used to nuts and since I have a hankerin' for caramel cashew ice cream... I'll roll with the nuts.

Suffice it to say, Open House transition to going for coffee, coming home with a puppy and today has been adjustment day... wait, did I just say went for coffee came home with puppy?

No wonder I'm nuts!  Yes... and I'll tell you how serendipical that story is another day, but first, I have to share a piece I made that I myself am still drooling over.

Curly Girl by Designs by Dawn Marie
I call her Curly Girl.  I love purple... like almost as much as ice cream... somedays maybe more, just depends on if the bathroom scale is broken or not.  Broken = ICE CREAM bliss.  But purple speaks to me and has my entire life.  Pair it with a rich, coppery bronze... mmmmmm, now that leads to drool.

The idea for this necklace came from a set of beads I got from my favorite lampwork artist - JulsBeads.  I saw them the day she posted and said GIMMEEEEEEE, I couldn't log into paypal fast enough.  They were just shouting my name.  So they alone are each incredible works of art.  They are cylindrical in shape and surrounded with a coil of raised glass creating to me what looks like a curl... like my curls.

So once I had them in my hands, all the rest of the beads had a big 'ole party and made one heck of a piece.  I have to say, it turned out just how I hoped it would.  It will be in my Etsy store tomorrow (or later) it just depends when the puppy is napping.

I hope you enjoy Curly Girl as much as I do.  She's a looker that girl. :)  Thanks Juls for always making really, really special glass beads.  Honestly, your pieces make me smile just looking at them!

FYI, I'm also working on another Facebook Friday post for this week.  It's really, really an important tip that you will definitely want to read if you are on facebook at all (not just for your business, but personal too).  So stay tuned... okay, I must dash!

Thanks for checking in and hope your week is wonderful!


Beadwright said...

I am slobbering all over myself LOL. This is Gourgeous!!!! Simple elegance is what I teach my students and you have it nailed.
Puppy???? You are nuts. :)

Heather said...

Wow...this is stunning Dawn...just beautiful...but then you do know I'm partial to purple girl!!!

Yes, Juls is a genius with the glass...

Did I hear you...a have two fur babies??? :~)

Enjoy the evening...

Regina said...

It is a beauty! Absolutely gorgeous! Have fun with the puppy!

scottsgal said...

OK Dawn is this a SPRINGER puppy?? Please post pics of the new baby!

Meg Carter said...

I have never used the word hankerin' before. I think I like it though. I had to read it a few times to take it in. I am hankerin' to see pics of the new pup. Did I use it right?
Beautiful necklace as expected. ;)

marsspyder said...

Puppies, ice cream, and beautiful beadwork.

Dawn, you have created the perfect blog post :)


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