Monday, March 15, 2010

Pretty little things

Sometimes the prettiest things aren't jewelry at all. Today's post is off the beaten path where jewelry is concerned. But it's adorable none the less!

I took both of my dogs to a new groomer today. I loved our old groomer, but she moved out of the area. I've been taking both of my dogs to Petsmart for a few years because they are convenient (just a mile up the road) and our groomer there was wonderful. So I asked her for a referral, and today am trying out someone new to bathe and groom our dogs.

I'm always nervous when trying someone new in this area. Do I communicate clear enough for the groomer to understand what my desires are? Do the dogs feel comfortable with a new groomer and behave?

So when I picked up my little princess first... yes she's a self-proclaimed princess... I was 100% pleased. Not only did the new groomer clip Brandi exactly how I wanted, but she went over & above by adding cute little bows to her ears and really making her look like a puppy. Brandi was over the moon because she was the only one there for the first appointment of the day and she got spoiled.

I walked out thinking how wonderful it was that the new groomer really went the extra mile in customer service. Something as simple as a little pink bow scored her major brownie points in my book. It made me feel that she took exceptional care of my "kids" and made them feel right at home. Thank you Jenny - Petsmart, Delavan!

I'll pick up Cody this afternoon and I expect I'll be pleased there as well. Here's a picture of my little princess! Have you had a great experience with someone in customer service? Tell me about it! I'm all ears! :) (P.S. Here's both of my kids sporting their spring hair do's.)


Azure Islands Designs said...

Oh...isn't Brandi a pretty "princess"... :0) I love her coloring, chocolate anything is wonderful...when you get a chance you should post a photo of Brandi & Cody together...I would love to see him.

My daughter and her family now have their own little "princess"...a couple of days before Christmas they brought home a beautiful standard poodle and named her Jade...they aren't shaving her but letting her fur be long & full...Jade is the daughter they won't be having! :0)


Jen V. said...

I love the bows! I'd put some on my crazy boy cats if I could get them to sit still. haaaaaaa

Customer service is a wonderful thing...I love that about Alabama. It's much more pleasant to deal with shopping and service here in the south than back on the east coast. I'll be taking some lessons learned...a smile goes a long way. :)

Dawn Doucette said...

Thanks Heather & Jen! I updated the post with a picture of the both of my furry kids together. Our dogs are the kids we won't be having as well! So I totally know that feeling.

Jen, our groomer's name was Jenny, so seeing your comment made me smile. She was just as wonderful with Cody (sans the bows) LOL

I always try to go beyond the customers expectation when they purchase from me too. I know I sure appreciate it when somebody does it for me. And in person, I never underestimate a smile! :)

Thanks ladies! I love both of your blogs! I appreciate you stopping by!


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