Tuesday, February 9, 2010

People Love Wire Crochet

I know, it's Valentine's day this weekend and I'm not blogging about hearts this week! SHOCKER!!! Actually, I'm a heart-all-year-round kind of gal, so you'll see more hearts from me when they are just because of a holiday!

I have gotten so many compliments about the wire crochet necklace called "Party" that I blogged about a week or so ago. It's such a unique style and a mix of colors that I wear it all the time! It goes with anything!

This past Sunday I wore it to a Superbowl Party... so dress it up, or down and it fits the style!

I'm enjoying wire crochet so much that I've ordered more colored wire. I have black, purple and silver, but I've also ordered brown, sapphire blue and copper... plus more black & purple as I have custom orders already for necklaces in those shades! I'll keep you posted on new designs as I make them.

I really want to thank all of you for your genuine opinions and feedback. I really love what I do and I feel so blessed when others appreciate it too! Hope you get all the love you deserve for Valentine's weekend! ♥


Azure Islands Designs said...

Wow Dawn your choker is really beautiful...I enlarged the photo of you wearing the choker to have a better look at the detail in the choker and the colors are beautiful...

There are so many wonderful colors out there...it is fun to experiment...

Dawn Doucette said...

Thank you so much Heather! It's one of those practice projects that really turned out wonderful. It puts a smile in my heart that you like it!

Have a fantastic evening!


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