Sunday, May 9, 2010

All Things Bright & Beautiful

Happy Mother's day to one & all... The moms with two-legged kids, the moms with the 4-legged furry kids, and the Mr. Moms.  All of you are so important in sharing love, teaching responsibility and helping to raise wonderful adults.  I'm so blessed to have a wonderful mom that always taught me the value of honesty, kindness and being genuine.  Our family was so rich in love, we had enough to share with all of my friends, my siblings' friends and their siblings as well. 

One thing as a child, and then as I became a young adult that you could always, ALWAYS count on was something fresh out of the oven & delicious when I came home from school, with mom waiting, asking "What did you do today?"  And then the most precious gift of all... she really listened, creating what are now wonderful memories of years gone by! 

To my mom and all of my friends that are moms, your ears are worth so much more than their proportionate size! :)  Much love, many hugs, laughter to last a lifetime.  Happy Mother's Day!


Azure Islands Designs said...

A gorgeous necklace Dawn!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day planting your Mother's flowers!

I had lunch with my son, visited my Mother in the afternoon and had dinner with my daughter & her family...just a perfect day!


Dawn Doucette -Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Hi Heather! So glad you were able to spend Mother's Day exactly how you wanted, and loved every minute of it!

It was actually way too cold here in WI to plant. April was so mild and now into may we're freezing. So we're babying the annuals bringing them out in the sun during the day, but tucking them into the garage at night. We've gotten down into freezing the last 5 nights... bummer. So the actually planting of the Mother's Day plants will happen hopefully next weekend. fingers crossed

Thanks much for the comments on the necklace. I made that as a gift for my niece's 15th birthday. Trying to make something "cool" that doesn't look like it's "homemade" was my challenge. Because at 15, they're cooler and waaaaay smarter than all of us adults. LOL

I'm so excited, she loved the necklace and I mad some cool, dangle earrings using silver chain to match. Of course at 15 anything using chains is instantly cool.

Mari said...

Hi Dawn,

You visited my blog and I'm finally getting around to visiting yours. I've also been to your Etsy shop. I'm using your jewelry to bribe myself into getting some things done
One question: I've got the dreaded nickel allergy. Can I wear your earrings?

Dawn Doucette -Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Hi Mari! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your compliments. I'm happy to do custom work for you using specific metal (i.e. Sterling). The earrings listed in my Etsy store are not sterling silver, so they may cause a reaction with your nickel allergy.

I look forward to chatting with you more. You can e-mail anytime at designsbydawnmd AT gmail DOT com

Have a terrific day!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Love this necklace! It's beautiful!


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