Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blogmania Drawing - Winner Chosen

Blogmania 2010 Winner of Blog 118 of 123 Announced!

Good Morning Friends!  I selected the winner of my Blogmania giveaway yesterday afternoon at 5:33 p.m.

I printed the entire list of comments and made sure each of your actions counted.  So if someone accidentially listed that they are a GFC, Twitter Fan & FB Fan all in one comment... it was 3 actions and indeed I made sure all three counted.  I double checked everybody to make sure everybody had a fair chance. 

In total, there were 272 entries.  HOLY COW!  That's awesome! I want to thank you all for stopping by and all the actions you took to promote not just my blog, but Blogmania as a whole.  The success we had as a group is thanks to Lynda Coker at Between the Lines and More, and her two partners in crime fun Amy - The Black Sheep Dances and June - Writing is a Blessing.  Without all your coordinated e-mails and organization, Blogmania would still be just a great idea.  You've made it into a real event... a real BIG event!

I know in the rush of trying to visit all 123 blogs, you may not have gotten a chance to look around.  I invite you to browse my previous posts, check out my unique jewelry designs and ask any questions you have.  I also send out a once monthly newsletter about jewelry trends, new styles of jewelry (like wire crochet) and the hottest seasonal colors so you can be on point all year round.  As a bonus for registering for my newsletter, I will include a copy of my e-book Twitter Marketing Made Easy.  This will help you get started with Twitter and automate many processes to make tweeting with your followers super easy!  Just fill in your name, email and website or blog if you have one, click the button then check your inbox for an e-mail from me. 

And now, back to the Blogmania winner...

To choose the winner, I used to generate a random entry number.  Out of 272 entries total, selected #43 as the winner.  Here's the result (you can click the picture to enlarge):

Entry #43 belongs to:  Angie Tubbs

I've e-mailed Angie for her mailing address and will ship her jewelry out first thing this week. This was the first giveaway I participated in and really, I had so much fun!  I'm looking forward to Blogmania - the fall edition this September.  It will be even bigger and better than this round was!  More winners, bigger prizes.... you get the picture?  Mark your calendars for Wednewsday, September 15th.  Take off work... find a sitter for the kids... get your pups & kitties extra treats to keep them busy because you are going to want to focus!  ;)  Kidding aside, if you enjoyed all these giveaways, you'll definitely want to come back!

Thanks again for stopping by my blog during your treasure hunt.  The wonderful comments you left me are sincerely appreciated.  I love hearing from you and look forward to taking your ideas and creating works of jewelry art with them as inspiration! :)  For those that subscribe to my monthly newsletter, you will receive special subscriber-only sales & discounts for being a loyal follower!

I appreciate your friendship so very much!  Thank you for making my experience with Blogmania and my first giveaway over the moon successful!  Congrats to Angie Tubbs, I hope you love your jewelry!


Natasha A. said...

Congrats Angie!!!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all!!! Congratulations to Angie!!!

Dawn Doucette -Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Natasha and Heather! It was so much fun! Heather, hopefully next time you can participate too! There are some wonderful bloggers out there, blogging about all sorts of great stuff!

Have a TERRIFIC day ladies! :)


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