Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy.... very Busy.

Am I the only one running 10 million miles per hour and my "To Do" list keeps on growing?  My family celebrates Christmas starting this Saturday with my Mom's whole side of the family, then continues next weekend with Chris' family and my immediate family.  Celebrate Early & Celebrate Often!

So while I finish up the gifty gifts for friends and family, and put the mistle in mistletoe... I'll be humming carols and steam will be coming from my sneakers - because I'll be moving VERY quickly right about NOW!

Sending you Joy and Peace!


Azure Islands Designs said...

LOL...I for one am crazy busy as well!!! Having said that I'm not going crazy with doing what isn't important, which is a very good thing!

I learned years ago to do what I can/what is important to me and those special to me...what doesn't get done really doesn't matter!!

Absolutely love your necklace...gorgeous!!!

Have a wonderful time with those special in your life!

Beadwright said...

I am sending you happy Christmas wishes. And yes I would so love to win the I PAD. Thanks for hoping I do.
Are you going to join in OWOH this year? It is the last year Lisa is putting it on. I have a link on my blog.


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