Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Champagne Anyone!

I had this ornament hand-painted with our dog's pictures.

I'm still savoring all the wonderful memories that were made over Christmas.  We have lots of family close buy, so our Christmas started a week early and ran all the way through the weekend.

The highlight of the holiday - my niece and nephew (2 1/2 and 14 months) enjoying the Sterlite tub we brought our gifts in.  First it was a boat.  Then it was a drum (upside down) and then my sister Amy gave the kids a big bag of soft vinyl colorful balls... upon them dumping in the tub it became a "Bubble Bath in the Living Room Auntie Dawn - Squeeeee!"

Frog Toe Socks for Ashlynn!
We laughed so hard, and shared so much love it was really wonderful.  We also had created an Elf Yourself video using photos of Chris' parents (who are 75 & 76).  We again laughed our fannies off watching Nana & Papa break it down disco style!  I think during that 8 minute video we each added at least 10 years to our lives!

Yesterday I had an AMAZING day with the beads.  Seriously the bead fairies were so generous with me, my creativity was seeping out my pores and I think even my dogs are wanting to learn how to bead.  I have to get photos to share, but I promise you... you'll absolutely love it too! 

I'm getting re-organized and back into a rhythm this week.  Then Saturday is the ROSE BOWL with our very own Wisconsin Badgers!  So it'll be another fun weekend!  In the mean time, I hope the bead fairies are just as kind to you!

{Hugs & Peace!}


Kristen said...

OHHHH beady pictures coming. Your tree is beautiful and I am so glad you had such a wonderful holiday!


Azure Islands Designs said...

What great photos Dawn...I can see the happiness in the smiles!!!

Love the hand-painted decoration...it is beautiful! Was it someone local?

Have fun with all your new beads... :0) I understand how it feels to be surrounded with new "things"...I won't be getting much for the next few months as I'm going to be away in February, but I have enough around to keep me happy till then!



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