Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Gift of Creativity

Photo courtesy of Juli Cannon - Julsbeads
Yesterday I posted and shared with you a little secret... "the bead fairies are spoiling me rotten!"  I've had so much creativity flowing through this body that I'm practically bouncing like Tigger.  Yesterday I snapped some photos of a necklace I designed with a set of really, really cool beads from JulsBeads.  I'm telling you, these beads started talking to me the moment we laid eyes on each other.

They are the coolest round bead with a "ribbed" exterior in clear glass.  In the middle is a blend of beautiful purples and blues with a hint of maroon... maybe... or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. :o)  Either way, they are beautiful!

So they were the inspiration for this necklace.  I love swirls & curls (which is why wire jewelry originally caught my attention when I was toying with the idea of where to go next in Dawn's Great Life Adventure).  So I carried the swirly pattern through creating a chain of seed beads in a swirl pattern.  The necklace turned out really colorful, and tons of fun.

I have another project in the works that will also be wonderful!  Can't wait to share more... but for now, the beads are calling! Hope your day is full of creativity and love!



Beadwright said...

Hey there is nothing like Jul's beads. She puts so much of herself into them. The necklace is beautiful.

Julianna Cannon said...

Dawn, that is an AWESOME necklace!! Dang girl, if I had your creative ideas with lampwork I'd have to keep all the beads I make.

Love your style!!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Wow, love the beads & the necklace is stunning, of course you know how I feel about purples/ really have a way with seed beads Dawn, they add so much to JulsBeads, while allowing them(JulsBeads) to be center stage!!!


Kristen said...

Oh yeah what a combo I think I might just have to call you the Bangin' Sista's! Juls beads and your stitchin OH MY!

Courtney said...

Your necklace is beautiful!!!! I too, love Juls beads!!!! Beautiful piece. (you can send some of your muse my way - mine left before the holidays for vacation)

Mellisa said...

Beautiful necklace with beautiful beads!

Jewelry box gifts said...

Wow, fabulous necklace with a gorgeous look and feel.I love the way you have beaded and the necklace too.Just an amazing work.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thank you all so very much! I must say, making this necklace was pure joy. I really appreciate all of you visiting and sharing your comments!

I hope you have a wonderful 2011 filled with creativity!



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