Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jewelry and Beading Magazines

I have a great conversation question for you this morning.  Which jewelry making or beading magazines are your FAVORITE?  This question stems from a post by my bloggy friend Sara Hardin with Soft Flex.  They are having a giveaway for a subscription to the eMagazine Hand Crafted Jewelry Studio here - so check it out!

When I made the decision to be my own boss and that I was going to make jewelry full time, I thought my ultimate goal was to set faceted stones and work with gold & silver as a metalsmith.  While I still might someday (because who doesn't like pretty fancy stones?) I've gotten lost in the land of beads and wire! 

I have been a Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine subscriber for several years now.  It's the only wire jewelry magazine I've seen.  While it gives me some wonderful ideas, I figured out this year that I'm being drawn more toward beautiful lampwork beads (click here for THE BEST lampwork glass beads I've found) and even more drawn toward itty bitty seed beads.  I've always loved the look of seed bead jewelry but for some reason I didn't have the confidence that I could do it myself. 

No worries, my mother in law bought me a magazine with the russian spiral tutorial and ever since I've been looking for a seed bead support group!  LOL  So that brings me to my question... what beading magazines do you love?

I have bought several off the magazine rack over the year as I'm going to the checkout at the grocery store.  I've received old copies from friends that are no longer making jewelry... some of these are true vintage from 1995 - WOW~  Those are some old school Bead & Button.  I've seen stringing, and always try to scoop up the copy of whichever magazine I read my blogger friends are featured in.  So I'm like a patchwork quilt... a little of everything.

How about you?
Make it a terrific day!  {Hugs!}


TesoriTrovati said...

I love Stringing, Bead Trends, Jewelry Affaire...but from the moment it came out I have wanted to be in the pages of Belle Armoire Jewelry. Someday I really hope to be there.
Enjoy the day, Dawn!

Kristen said...

OK Hon it's me and you in the support group right now! I love Bead and Button (have a subscription) and Beadwork truly support my seed bead obsession I did like Step by Step Beads but that is no longer published. You probably already knew what my answer would be!

Hugs and Happy Holidays!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Oh Erin, I hadn't heard of Belle Armoire Jewelry... now you've got me on the hunt and quite possibly a new addiction! YIKES!

Kristen, I did have a feeling that those were your favorites. The best of Step by Step Bead is where the tutorial came from that I sent you!!! Coincidence???? Never - things happen for a reason!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Bead Style are two I buy, but I'm also beginning to read Art Clay and polymer clay magazines as well as a Lapidary one!!! So much out there...but I've found I gravitate to the wire and metal work magazines now.

Hope all is well with you and yours...take care!


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