Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bling for the Lobes

Happy Thursday all!  I've been working on balance (finding it) and seem to be making some headway.  I was recently able to create... on another day I was able to photograph... and on the third day I listed. 

So these glass beaded earrings are all brand new in my Artfire store.  Asymmetrical anybody???  It's something new for me... but I think I rather like it!
In other news... check out this lady that stopped by as I was washing dishes.  She primped and preened, and scavenged bugs out of the puddle for at least 20 minutes while I was cleaning up the kitchen.  She's definitely a BIG bird.  It's funny, she walked over to our "potty pen" where's we're potty training Bella and she was sniffing around there too.  Very comfortable bird in her own feathers I'd conclude!  LOL  Have a terrific day! :)

P.S.  All lampwork glass beads used in these earrings were created and designed by Julianna Cannon of JulsBeads!  Check out her store to pick your favs!


The Ortegas said...

I LOVE those pink ones!!! PRETTY!

Beadwright said...

Can't beat glass by Juls. The earrings are really pretty. Your lessons continue with Miss Turkey.
If you haven't already come by and leave a comment to win a free book.


Finding Charm said...

A blogger I follow is using the top earring colors as a nursery inspiration and then will add a color depending on if it's a girl or boy. Think she said pink or orange.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great earrings all the different colors. I'm anxiously awaiting my order from Juls...I had her hold it for a bit as we are experiencing Canada Post rotating strikes...didn't want my precious package lost in the shuffle!!!

Cute bird...wild life sometimes does the most amazing things if we take the time to observe...
Enjoy the Saturday...

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