Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brought to you by the letter J

Dragonfly by Jayla Rediger - 11 yr old
J for Jelly Beans, J for jumping, J for JAYLA!

I am so excited to share this piece with you.  I have a little story to share, so if you'll grab a cup of coffee first, I know you'll be so glad you walked on this little journey for me.

"Why Jayla" you ask?

Because Jayla is a beautiful 11 year old aspiring artist that made the dragonfly pendant I've used in this necklace.  Yes, just 11 YEARS OLD!!!!  I first heard about Jayla's talents when I was reading her mom Melissa's blog.  Melissa operates Sea of Glass, a lampwork artist out of Iowa.  When her daughter wanted to take a class with her at their local bead store, Melissa embraced some special mother daughter time and signed them up for a polymer clay class.

Jayla was instantly in love with making the pendants.  From the colors and finishes to all the little add ons that make each pendant one of a kind, she was inspired.  After the class Jayla wasn't about to give up designing.  No, rather she wanted to turn her creative inspirations into a business.  Jayla continue to make her special pendants and Melissa created a section on her website called Jayla's Corner just for her to market her pendants.

When I heard Melissa was going to be selling at Bead and Button and Jayla's dad had created a special display to sell her pendants, I knew I had to get one (and meet Melissa too!)  I had my dear sweet fiance Chris with me (he was SUCH a trooper going to B&B and I'll tell you, he was amazed at the various artisans we met.  He had no idea just how many talented artisans are in this genre.  He's also still waiting for his T-shirt that said "I attended Bead & Button 2011"~ goofball.)

The second I saw this dragonfly pendant, it was mine... as in GIMME-RIGHT-NOW!!!  Her artistry in this pendant is stunning.  She even used a toothpick to paint the body of the dragonfly because it's a tiny area.  As an added touch, she created a flower with a bead cap and sparkly swarovski crystal center for that perfect finishing touch.

I love supporting today's youth because I feel like they are facing challenges much more difficult than I faced growing up.  But I also LOVE when I see parents taking such an interactive role in supporting their kids and fostering their creative spirits.  Jayla's Corner is available on Melissa's website, Sea of Glass and if you want to see Jayla's latest pendants as she creates them, I urge you to follow Melissa's blog too!

This is just the first piece I'll make with one of Jayla's pendants.  It was a pleasure pulling the colors out of the design and adding some additional sparkle with Swarovski crystals in the beaded necklace.  The necklace is currently available in my Artfire Store.  

I hope you enjoy the simple beauty and you find creative inspiration from the story of this very talented 11 year old girl.  She's got a great start to a very bright future!


Available in my Artfire Store


Kristen said...

Oh yeah I did check her out as soon as you told me and I want them all!!!!!! This necklace is beyond stunning and you showcased her talent beautifully!

Beadwright said...

Great story. I will tell you that my best students are kids and men. For different reason of course.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great pendant...your little friends work is very unique, Jayla has a great talent!

The necklace you made with her pendant is gorgeous...


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm so glad you enjoy seeing Jayla's work. She's one talented little lady!

Kristen, it reminds me of your Shelby when she's creating pieces. Let that creative soul out!

Nicole, I think kids are some of your best students because their creativity isn't hampered or dampened yet. Kids can dream and imagine better than most adults!

Thanks Heather! I appreciate the compliment... but you and I both know those colors.... yeah, we're drooling! :)


Regina said...

Amazing work, you know she has a great future. I checked out her other pendants too... such talent!
Love the necklace you made too, really shows off the pendant.

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Wow! What a talented little girl! I'm going to have to check out the rest of her pieces. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Wow Dawn! You totally had me in tears. How very thoughtful of you to post the story on your blog. You sure have a way with words ~ wish I had that gifting. I can't thank you enough for the sweet things you said. It was GREAT to meet you.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Regina & Jana, she is so talented. Isn't it great?

Melissa, sorry... I'll pass the tissue. I know you are so proud of her, but as a community, we all are proud she's sharing her gifts with the world!

SO thank YOU for supporting her and allowing her to be herself!

You, Enhanced said...

Beautiful stuff you got here! Such amazing talent :)

Barbara Bruder said...

WOW what a great pendant and the necklace you made to go with it is so nice. Loved the story as well. What a talented little girl!!!

Anna Lear said...

You made such a beautiful necklace for that pendant -- Jayla is SO talented!! Thanks for sharing this story.

Off the Beadin' Path said...

A very thoughtful post, and so full of new and experienced talent - Jayla's and yours!! It's such a good feeling to encourage the youth to develop their interests. A heart-warming story for sure. You two are a well-matched pair!


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