Monday, June 27, 2011

Tis not Sesame Street - But Today is all about G

I could say the G is for Greg, my little brother who is GREAT... but that's not the entire reason for this post.

It was a very busy weekend and finally the weather here in WI was perfect on a weekend.  We were able to clean out the screen porch for the season... I know it's July next weekend, but prior to this the weather has never cooperated when Chris and I were both available. 

So clean, clean, clean... then GRILL!  Yes, G is the letter of the day!

We had one of our dear friends over and I made an incredible - healthy - dinner yesterday.  I tried all new ideas for dinner including a Greek cucumber dip (for toasted pita chips) and a beautiful GREEN cilantro pesto made with fresh herbs from our garden.  The Cilantro pesto topped chicken that had a light lemon pepper and olive oil for seasoning. 

Both turned out so well, and were healthy I just had to share - see facebook note for cilantro pesto recipe

Greek Cucumber Dip
1 c. organic plain yogurt
1 c. organic sour cream
1 Tbsp Greek Seasoning
1 Tbsp lemon juice
salt & pepper
1 Medium cucumber

De-seed and shred cucumber.  Mix in yogurt, sour cream, greek seasoning and lemon juice.  Refrigerate 2 hours prior to serving.  Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve with baked pita chips.

Glass... yes a very favorite piece of eyecandy for me.  Especially lampwork glass from a wonderful artisan.  I've organized and been working with much of my stash lately and will be adding several new pieces to my Artfire Store.  Pieces include a fuschia set (earrings & necklace), patriotic earrings and a stunning pearl & lampwork bridal set!  Oh yeah... I'm still drooling... So that's on my To DO list today, what's on yours?

G is also for Gallbladder which at this moment Chris' mom is having removed.  What started as a stomach pain ended her in the ER overnight and surgery this morning.  So positive thoughts and healing energies for her today would be most appreciated. 

Good Gravy, can you believe this is the last week in June?  Honestly, I've been working so diligently on puppy training so I have a Good Gurrrrllll... it seems June just slipped out the back door!  So while I'm embracing puppy training because I recognize a good dog is a happy dog, and this little cutie patootie is one smart whipper snapper, I need to work with her while she's absorbing it like a sponge!

Thanks for joining me on G day!  In the words of Tony the Tiger, I hope your day is Grrrrrrr-eat!



TesoriTrovati said...

As in eGads that is a beautiful set! I love the scroll work. So lovely!
Enjoy the day!
P.S. Prayers for the surgery to go well are winging their way to you!

Azure Islands Designs said...

You always make me smile,Girl, there
I used a G on G day!!! :~)

Gorgeous set Dawn...great photos as well...when I enlarged the photo the lampwork beads actually have little sparkles on them!

Best wishes to your Chris's Mom...gallbladder pain is excruciating...I know, I had mine out 17 yrs ago.

Lucky you on the weather front...we've had such up and downs, it is getting to be tiring!

Oh well, can't do anything about it...


Regina said...

Love the raspberry earrings and the wire work. Hope Chris's mom is recovering well. Have a great summer!

steufel said...

Sounds delicious! And I love the color of the jewlery:-)

Julianna Cannon said...


I hope Chris' mom's surgery went well~ thinkin' of y'all!


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