Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's the Worst Thing to Lose for a Conversationalist?

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Answer:  Your voice.

As spoken from a true talker... Yes, I have no voice.  This is day #2 without any voice.  I'm glad I can type because e-mail has been a lifesaver.  The last time I lost my voice was 2001 and it was gone for 3 weeks... yes, WEEKS!  And I'm not cool with having no vocal chords for the next 3 weeks, so I'd like to hear your remedies that can help bring my voice back.

It started with what I thought was a cold, sniffles and a cough.  Then the pollen kicked up, so I was sure that my allergies had blown the door to the Kleenex factory wide open.  But after trying to alleviate the allergies naturally using lavender oil, then taking an antihistamine and it did nothing, I don't think it's allergies.

I'm still blowing through Kleenexes like they are water... I had no idea one body could produce that much... well I'll spare you the juicy details.  BUT I would like to get my voice back.  I actually "felt" when my voice went, if that makes sense.  I could feel it in my throat.  Not cool at all.

So do you have any ideas or tips to get my voice back.  Trust me, I'm not a singer so my voice isn't golden.  But when puppy training, I've now learned it is a very close thing.  My dogs are having a hayday with this!  They know mom can't call them when they decide the best place to do their business is the far corners of our yard.  That means mom has to go out and tap their head to confirm them that it's time to come back in.  The puppy, Bella just looks at me with her adorable little head cocking back and forth when I "try" to talk.  It's more of a squeak and it hurts my throat.

While I practice silence (which I think Chris is really enjoying LOL) I'm reading, e-mailing, blogging, and just loving the pups.  Love doesn't need a voice, just adoring eyes, a big heart and plenty of belly rubs for all - them not me. :~)

Hope your day is terrific! {Hugs!}


Meg Carter said...

Sorry no remedies I know of other than maybe some tea with lemon. That is no trick though and seems obvious, hopefully another one of your readers has a better idea. I hope it comes back soon. :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Gah! That is terrible. I am a singer so I have known this. The best remedy is rest. Whispering is worse on your vocal chords than talaking actually. So try not to whisper. I would drink lots, especially warm liquids. I used to use a tablespoon or two of lemon juice in hot water, add natural honey (not the grocery store type, as it is a natural antibiotic to taste...sort of like hot lemonade... I actually like it! Gargling with hot salt water several times a day is good too. Hot steam is good, use a humidifier at night or take steamy showers. Don't drink caffeine or alcohol as that dries you out. But ginger tea is a natural anti-inflammatory. Try zinc lozenges and get plenty of water! There is also a lozenge that I have tried called Thayer's Slippery Elm Throat Lozenges. I don't know that they work any better than anything else but it is worth a try.
Hope something here helps!
Enjoy the day, Dawn.

Kristen said...

Yep Erin knows a few things about this and I want you better!


Abracadebra Designs said...

Your eyeglass chain is gorgeous. It would kill me to have no voice for even a minute ;) A freind of mine swears by a shot of brandy to remedy stuff like this.

Regina said...

You poor thing! I bet the puppies and the hubby are enjoying the 'silence'! Take care. Erin has some great remedies, I am sure they will help and you will be yourself again soon.

Azure Islands Designs said...

The things our body does to us!
Sorry...there isn't anything I could suggest, Erin seems to have come up with great suggestions. There are Vitamin C lozenges...don't know if they would be of any help?

Allergies can cause havoc with the body...for years,every morning when I get up my voice is hoarse to varying degrees,I sound and feel like I have a cold... I often have people ask if I've a cold or am I feeling well? Just allergies!

So...take care, don't whisper, keep a note pad with you in case you need to say something...if it goes on too long see a's that for a Mothers suggestions? :~)


Allie D. said...

I've had that happen and if it doesn't go away, find someone that you can give a note to (I know, you can't even whisper, if it's like what I had)and ask for an emerg. appt with your doctor. Then write him a note and ask what he thinks of you taking a short course of steroids (not athlete steroids!), specifically prednisone, or methylpredisolone. There's a pack that lasts like 6 days, the biggest dose the first day and then it gradually decreases. That is a medication that, among other things, reduces swelling in the body's tissues, and it very well may relieve some of those "juicy details" as well. You might feel relief after the first day. (Unless you are very very sick, and it does not sound like you have any other serious illnesses--I could be wrong of course--but anyway, as long as you don't have a very serious illness, it is best NOT to go on predinisone for more than a week or AT MOST two... it can do some crazy things to your body! Just a warning. It used to make me feel so much healthier but it has some bad side effects!)

Good luck!


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