Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where do you read blogs?

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When I logged in this morning, Blogger had a little pop up window that asked me if I wanted to turn on Mobile templates so my blog would be readable on mobile phones.  So my question to you is where do YOU read the blogs you follow?

Do you read it in your blogger dashboard?
Do you read them on The Hive forum?
Do you use Google Reader?
Do you follow via Networked Blogs on Facebook?
Are you a Twitter follower?

So many choices.  I'm just curious, how do you follow?  If you're on Facebook or Twitter, feel free to share your links to your profile in your comment!  Take some time and visit a few others and spread the networking love around!  K?

Make it a terrific day!

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Stacy said...

Who knew there were so many options to be connected to our blogs. Me? Well I used to use the blogger reader, but now I follow most of my blogs through google reader. I do read a few blogs at The Hive, as that is the only place a few of them can be accessed. I also follow a number of the blogs I like on networked blogs. If they have a facebook page I like to link to their blog that way as well, even though it is a double up on some of them between networked blogs and google reader. I have to say I like google reader best, but I would like to see a share on facebook button as well as the ability to comment right there without having to go to that specific blog post on their blog.

Trish said...

I guess I'm still in the dark ages, not having a 'smart phone' - can't do the price of cellphone data plans - so...

I read all my blogs on Google reader - it puts them all right in front of me, and makes sure I don't forget someone I really want to check up on every day.

Yours is at the top of my list there!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Stacy & Trish! I appreciate you sharing. It's funny, I'm getting comments here and on The Hive where my blog feeds to. Everybody has a slightly different approach, but I appreciate all the feedback!

I've enabled the mobile app too. I was just curious who read on a pc or laptop vs. who read on a smart phone.

Hope you both have a fabulous day!

Regina said...

I just enabled my mobile reader app too. But I read all my blogs from the dashboard or google reader. I have taken a bit of a sabbatical from FB, but plan to get back on it. Too many gadgets too little time, is my problem.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I don't think I'll enable my mobile reader app...the dashboard is good for me!

I get distracted to easily if I go to FB & T so I stay away from them as much as possible. :~)

Enjoy the day...

coolmoon said...

I always read the blogs while on my laptop - using my Google account. I too, use Blogger, but alas, and gasp - I don't have the kind of fancy phone that I can do all those fun things like read blogs with. As much as I'm into Facebook, blogging, Ereading, etc., I have a no bells and whistles, plain jane PREPAID minute cell phone. I know, right? Prett bad. I want to get a nicer one, with a camera, and other fun things, but my husband, who I want to share the plan with me - is dragging his size 11's
....anyway.... hope I answered the question before I went off the rails!
Bead happy!
Cool Moon

Copper Diem said...

google reader & google reader on my Driod. after i discovered google reader the number of blogs i read skyrocketed! i love how it keeps track of what you've read, and i have them sorted into catagories - jewelry design, glass, ceramic, etc.


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