Friday, July 8, 2011

Facebook Friday - Connecting your Personal Profile to your Business Profile

Welcome to Facebook Friday!  First let me ask... if you have an online business, do you have a Facebook business page or are you just using your personal profile?

If you don't have a business page, you really should.  For a number of reasons, there are many more applications that work with business pages that just aren't available to personal profiles.  (i.e. Etsy app and the Artfire Kiosk to name a few.)

So if you don't yet have a business page, set one up.... I'll wait, so hurry back. :o) Trust me, people are much more likely to follow what's going on with your business if they just have to click "Like," rather than sending you a friend request and waiting for you to accept.

Once you've gotten your business page set up, you'll want to link your personal page to your business.  Otherwise, how will people know where to find your business page (or that you even have one.)  One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is when they list their employment on their personal page, they'll write XYZ company or self employed, etc.  BUT by doing that, nobody knows you have a business you run.  They have no way of seeing that information.  This really came into play when Facebook made their major changes back in May for both the personal and business pages.

How can we fix this?

Regardless of your day job, or full-time employment, the reality is you still work for yourself and need to promote YOUR business with passion in order for it to grow.  Simple solution to get you started.  In the Employment Section of your personal profile, set the employer as your facebook fan page!  Here's how:
  1. Click Edit Profile > then go to the Education and Work section.
  2. Begin typing the name of your fan page in the Employer field.
  3. If you see your fan page in the dropdown menu, select it.
  4. Then fill out the remaining fields (Position, City/Town, Description and Time Period). If you also add in any business partners/colleagues, this will show on their profile too under the Employer section.
  5. Click Add Job.
Ta Daaaaa!  It's that simple!  Now when people are your friends on your personal profile, they can click the link at the top of your profile to go directly to your business page!

Want more great Facebook and Social Media Marketing tips?  "Like" my FB Page and I'll be sharing more secrets and tips frequently in the weeks to come!  Hope you have a FANTASTIC Facebook Friday!


Trish said...

Thanks so much for the tip - I find your info really helpful to me!


Meg Carter said...

Thanks Dawn.... I didn't know you could do that... I now have Made By Meg and PixelBind as my employers. :)

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Thanks Dawn I didn't know you could do that so I added it his afternoon.

Regina said...

This is good, thank you. I have been wanting to promote my business on FB. I have a personal page and a page for my blog, do I need to add a businees page? I gather from your posting that I do. I will work on it this w/e and get back to you. Thank you.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great info...thanks for sharing!
I've not used my Facebook account the way I should doesn't appeal to me, not sure why? Will have to take another look.

Mary C said...

Thanks for this information. I have a company page at FB but hadn't updated it in awhile and didn't know I could link it that way from my personal page. Awesome!

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