Friday, July 1, 2011

Long Weekend - Break out the Margaritas!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!  Hope you are enjoying the holiday and spending time with your dear families.  For those in the states, the 4th of July is on Monday, so I say... what the heck, let's break out the margarita maker right.this.very.minute!

Since WI is so close to Canada... I mean heck, we're only an international border away... I'm officially celebrating BOTH holidays!  Yes, I'm barefoot, casual and I've started my weekend early!  I have 3 dogs all napping peacefully (gasp, that NEVER happens) and mama's gonna go play in some beadzzzzzz!  WOO HOO!

This weekend is always a lot of fun!  Celebrating my niece Ashlynn's 3rd birthday (actual birthday is today, party is tomorrow) then having a BBQ with Chris' family on Sunday... and on Monday, we all rest!

What's your plans for Canada Day or the 4th of July?  Are there fireworks on your agenda?  (That F-word... yes, fireworks) is sooooo not welcome in our home.  Cody is TERRIFIED of anything that goes boom... which is precisely why he's a handsome house dog and not a hunting dog.  LOL  So we play REALLY loud music to drown out the crazy neighbors that aim their bottle rockets at our house.  And yes, you read that correctly, they actually point the tube that they shoot the ILLEGAL bottle rockets out of at our house... and yes, we have talked nicely to them and asked them to please not aim their flaming explosives at our home... but apparently they have short term memory issues.  So this year, they get a visit from the uniforms until they can refresh that aging memory.  (Sidenote: they already started last weekend and we had 4 bottle rockets in our front yard... just feet from our screen porch.)

In my next life, I'll live in the middle of the woods with no neighbors for 5 miles each direction!

Hope your weekend is fun, safe and full of great memories... or really funny stories you can share on your blog! :o)



Lisa Crone said...

LOVE those earrings and LOVE the idea of margaritas!!

Finding Charm said...

Poor babies. One of our dogs gets upset with Fireworks. While my sisters and mom go see the displays, my dad stays home with our little pups and goes downstairs to make Toby feel a little safer. Ridiculous people feel they need to shoot them off in their neighborhoods. It's just asking for an accident. And then to not pick up the 'evidence' afterward, what dummies.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Happy Holiday to you...making it a long week end works for me, and the Margaritas sound just right!!!

Crazy neighbors...what would make them think it was OK to direct fireworks towards someones home???

Be safe...have a wonderful holiday!
Gorgeous festive earrings...


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