Monday, July 11, 2011

I Heart Macro!

I saw a post on Facebook over the weekend from a fellow Wisconsinite Beader - Tracey Nanstad (A Beadiful Mess) with a great macro photo of a bubble on a bubble wand.  Now we see kids blowing bubbles and love how they float, then pop, but have you ever captured one on photo?  Thanks Tracey for posting your link on Facebook while I happened to be online!  It caught my eye and introduced me to several new bloggers!  ♥

The post is part of a blog hop called "I Heart Macro" and it led me to flip through several blogs that I hadn't seen before!  I love how being summer, we're capturing so many beautiful flowers with our macro photos.  I also love the tenderness of animals in the macro photos!

So for my entry into the I Heart Macro blog hop, is a photo I took at our 4th of July party with Chris' family.  This is a tri-colored zinnia that starts out as a fuschia  in the middle and blends to a red-orange and finally yellow.  Don't you just love the little clusters of stars around the center of the flower?  And do you see the bug at the very tip of the petal on the upper right (you'll want to click the photo to enlarge.)

When I took the photo, immediately I was seeing a bead embroidered piece of art, and I still do.  But in the meantime, while it simmers in my creative brain, I had to share with you so you could enjoy the simple beautiful Mother Nature gives us each and every day.

I Heart Macro Photography

Like it?  Wanna Play?  Click the I Heart Macro button and you'll be taken to Waterstone Jewelry's blog!  Surf through the current entries for I Heart Macro and then share an entry of your own!  Can't wait to see what you capture!

Have a terrific week! {Hugs!}


Tracey N. said...

Wow thanks for the write-up Dawn! I love your Zinnia picture. That is one of my favorite flowers. Glad to see you join up with I Heart Macro. This is my 3rd week of participation, and I am enjoying it. Take care!

kimmykats said...

Dawn, I adore zinnia's and always look for this one. Isn't it just amazing what you see when you really take the time to look at the world up close? I have been taking the time to look at all the different stamens too! There are a great bunch of people at I heart macro!

Patty said...

How festive!!


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