Friday, July 22, 2011

Facebook Friday - That Darn Chat Bar

Warning:  I do not chat on Facebook.  Have not and won't because that's really way over taxing my one track mind most of the time.

Did Facebook mix you up this week with their sudden "pop up" chat bar on the right hand side?  I logged in one morning and viola.... there it was.  And there was no 'x' to close it so I left it for a day before it irritated me into action.  Side note:  the friends that are showing are those that are most "relevant" in your interactions - according to FB.  I'm not so sure that's accurate, but that's what they say. :o)

I'm not a chatter... I used to chat when Yahoo Messenger first came out, I chatted my brains out.  I also got very little of anything else accomplished.  So then I discovered how to be invisible.... but people still sent me messages even when I "appeared" offline to them.  Don't get me wrong, I love interacting with other people.  However, when I'm working on my computer - blogging, marketing, listing I really need to focus.  There's just not enough hours in the day otherwise.   So the random chatting via messenger had to go.

Honestly, people who know me know to send me an e-mail or private FB message or pick up the phone and call me.  I prefer the more personal conversations and interactions.  (which is also why 140 characters on Twitter is also sooo very difficult.  But that's a story for another day!)

So how the heck do you make that darn chat bar go away if you really don't want to use it (or look at it)?
  • On the lower right side of your screen, click on the starburst looking icon.  
  • If Available to Chat is Selected, un-check it.  
  • From this same area, you can also click "Hide Sidebar" to have it disappear complete.
  • You can go back online to chat anytime but clicking that starburst icon again.

Another Side Note:  This morning when I went to publish this post, my chat worked different than it did just yesterday.  UGH... so if the above instructions don't look right based on your screen, today's version goes like this.
  • Click that Starburst Icon on the lower right.
  • Select Options, then click "Go Offline".
  • That should disable chat and minimize that sidebar for you.

Hope this little Facebook Friday info helped.  It just shows how dynamic and radically changing the game of social media marketing has become.  I'm happy to share the tidbits I know and learn that may be helpful to you!

Hope your weekend is Fabulous!


Crystal Allure said...

I was annoyed by that chat window as well and ignored it for a few days. Funny thing is, at work, it didn't show but at home, it showed. Strange. But, I don't like it either!

Thanks for the explanatory post.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Stephanie! Logo for Dawn Doucette

Ya know, I was talking with a friend and she was saying hers never showed... so we discussed maybe it's a browser issue. It was showing in Explorer, but not in Mozilla.... so maybe that had something to do with it.

Regardless, at least if people don't want it there, now they can hide it! Hope your weekend is great!


CraftyHope said...

Yes, I'm not a "chatter" either and I turned my chat function off when I first signed up for Facebook some eons ago. Mine is done the second way in your description, I'm always in offline mode even though FB is almost always ON my desktop...

Thanks for the lesson, I'm sure there are many who needed this info!

Beadwright said...

Hey Girl. You know my feelings. LOL
I too was a chatter box some 10 years ago and was in a few chat groups. You are right the main reason I stopped was because all of my time went to the chat and not to my work or life. My friends too know to email me or call.
Really did like the post.

Regina said...

Thanks for the FB updates, I plan to catch up with them one of these days. I have been staying away from FB for the past few months, yes months... there is just not enough time in the day.... Have a great beady weekend.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Thanks Dawn...I'm also a "non-chatter" like you and many others I wouldn't get anything done if I chatted. I get side tracked way too easily...
Enjoy your evening!


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