Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Funny - This One Will Make Aunt Monica Laugh out loud - ALOT

Old habits die hard people... you know it, so don't deny it.  IF you've ever tried to give up caffeine or smoking (I love my coffee and have never smoked so I'm speaking vicariously through others) you know just how hard kicking the habit can be.

Yesterday was Puppy Pampering Day.  Each of my girls had their trip to the groomer so they could get all sparkly and smelling pretty before Easter.  She's on vacation next week, so now was the time!  While I took pint-sized Bella in first, I opted to run my errands before I went home to pick up Brandi.  Errands included grocery shopping - at 2 different stores for sale purposes.

Nothing fancy or funny yet, right?  Just wait, there's more...

Upon loading up the groceries into my Odyssey from the 2nd store, it was now time to go unpack them, put them away and pick up Brandi.  So I jumped in the van and took off...

I went straight at the stop light, drove up the road, pulled into the driveway.  I parked the van, popped open the door and was carrying my groceries up to the door when I realized...  I don't live there anymore.

Did you read that?

I was taking my groceries to my old house.  The home where we no longer live... and it didn't "dawn" on me as I was driving up the road.  It didn't even make me do a double take pulling in the driveway or getting out of the van.  It wasn't until I had 6 bags of groceries and I was juggling my keys trying to get the one for the back door that I was in the WRONG HOUSE!  LOL

I'm still laughing, I had to call Chris at work and make him laugh. 

Now I've had many other funny vehicle moments - like the time I did a dashboard pedicure, or the time I got in the back seat, BUCKLED UP and was waiting for the driver to get in to take me home... but there was no driver, it was just me.  Or the second time I did that - different vehicle, same result.  Ghost drivers don't drive.  And that my friends is a true story... just ask my Aunt Monica.  I thought she was going to pee her pants laughing WITH me,  because as I retold the story is sounded, well... rather stupid. 

So I do hope you have better success at kicking old habits.  And I also hope you have had a great laugh at my expense today.  Just think, if laughter is the best medicine I just kicked your cold, fought your flu and sent you on your way to a wonderful week!



Kristen said...

BAHAHA!!! I needed that this morning!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha!!!! Don't worry I did that once. Well I did not get that far, A few years ago I left work and started heading to my old home. I did not get that far though. You are silly miss Dawn. Thanks for the laugh. ;)

TesoriTrovati said...

Ahahaha! That is funny Miss Dawn! Hopefully no one was home thinking you were breaking in! You will forge new pathways in no time. Love the dashboard pedicure though. I would keep that tradition alive!
Enjoy the day!

Unknown said...

You are so right Dawn - I couldn't stop laughing. And then I went to put in my comment and somehow I did something and it didn't show up. Seems appropriate :) I do so many things like that (such as almost leaving the house with 2 different earrings on, leaving my trunk open all night and so on) and if I didn't laugh at myself it just wouldn't be any fun. Thanks for the chuckle.

Aunt Monica

Therese's Treasures said...

Dawn, Thank you for the laugh. I did that not to long ago. I was talking on my phone when I left work and before I knew it I was pulling up into my old driveway. I got as far as turning the car off and opening the door before I realize where I was. Sometimes you have to remember to reprogram the auto pilot. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves and not take life to seriously that is what keeps us young.


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