Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Report on Progress and FOCUS

Wall of Organization - in Progress
I'm so happy to say things are coming along nicely with our move.  I'm so tickled I got my entry done and was able to play along with the Challenge of Music last week.  Talk about putting oneself under pressure... remind me again why I, as my own boss, put myself under such stressers???  Geez....

Late last week I embarked on the task of packing up my studio and moving it.  I didn't want to miss a beat once we're into the new house by having to unpack and organize.  SO I packed it one day, moved it the next and unpacked and organized the boxes, tubs and various "sorter" systems I use.   So with the exception of the desk I am sitting at typing away on my computer (which will be moved by the movers - or in Wisconsin Moooooovers) LOL my studio is moved successfully!

I have to share this little picture with you too.  Actually I need to give you a disclaimer on both photos.  If you squint your eyes and look at them, they don't appear quite as fuzzy... or have a cocktail or two first and all will look perfectly normal.  However, these were taken with my camera phone, so if you do enlarge them, don't say I didn't warn you, K? 

Here's your funny story for the day and then I'm done bending your ear for now... :o)  For my birthday, my dear sweet brother asked me what I wanted.  Being the smart arse that I am, I told him how much I loved the 2011 Camaro Convertible and that would be a great gift.  He didn't even have to deliver it, just tell me where I can pick it up.

Little did I know this would lead to the funniest gift I've ever gotten.  My dear sweet little brother did indeed get me my 2011 Camaro Convertible, but then told me my butt might be too big to get in it. (said very lovingly of course)  It was also given with two 5 lb. bags of M&M's - one peanut, one regular.  So just in case there was a question mark in my brain regarding the love from my dear sweet brother... he put the M&M on the exclamation point. 

SO this photo was taken to show him I've safely "parked" my Camaro in my new studio so it wouldn't have to sit outside in the snow.  LOL  And as an added bonus, you can see who really likes my studio... Brandi.  I have 3 windows facing South (mama loves me some sunshine!) and Brandi loves the fact she can sit on the floor and look right out to watch her passing cars and neighborhood dogs!

Just 1 week to go and then the move will be complete!  Thanks so much for playing along with our moving game.  I'm sure you're glad YOU aren't the one lifting the boxes!  Right?



Kristen said...

Yay for sunshine and Brandi! Hoping all goes well with the move!

Beadwright said...

You are awesome! Come pack my house would you? Oh and then unpack it too. LOL

Saturday Sequins said...

Unpacking the studio first is such a good idea!

This post makes me think back to the time Mr. Sequin and I were moving from North Carolina. I bent down to lift my first box... and snap! Back messed up. Hubs had to do all the lifting.

Finding Charm said...

That's funny! Glad the move is going well.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks all so very much! T-4 days and counting!!!


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