Monday, March 19, 2012

LIVE from Lake Geneva WI - Designs by Dawn Marie Custom Beaded Jewelry

Home Sweet Home!
Designs by Dawn Marie is so excited to finally be coming to you LIVE from Lake Geneva WI!  Our big move has finally become a reality.  Last week was so incredibly busy, but it couldn't have been more amazing.  I honestly know somebody up in heaven was looking out for us because everything came together so beautifully, it was a force beyond our control.

First the weather - SUNSHINE, blue sky and 70's... in March... in WISCONSIN - for real?  Yes indeed we won the weather lottery last week. 

Okay, now here's your laugh... I dropped the girls off at my mom's for the day so nobody got underfoot.  Lucy, my dog sister was so very happy to have Brandi & Bella to play with all day.  When I got back from my mom's, I pulled in the driveway and saw this huge van parked and being loaded.  My exact thought was "Holy crap, I wonder who else they are moving with us because that's ridiculous."  After all, we moved everything except the furniture.  So literally all the moving guys were packing and moving was beds, dressers, and other furniture... surely not a whole truck full of this size.

Um, well, these words are tasting quite a bit like peanuts... packing peanuts.  Indeed we did fill this truck.  The movers are the experts, they knew the space they would need and they nailed it to the inch.  Literally, they could not have fit one more thing in the truck.  To which I'm laughing because I was the crazy one.  I guess I'll just go back to designing because I'm not cut out to be a professional mover.

For those that are local to me, AC Transfer and Storage out of Delavan was WONDERFUL! (262) 728-3311.  They took such good care of our belongings, actual moving costs came in under the estimate and they were very personable.  I highly recommend them if you're looking to move... because after all, your friends and family will only work so many times for pizza and beer... then you're left holding the empties! :o)
Welcome Home - Put on our garage door on moving day!
Now isn't this sign just the sweetest?  Somebody really knew how to make two people feel very welcomed into their new home and new neighborhood.  Don't know who it was, but everybody we've met in the neighborhood has been so very kind.

So to further enjoy our new home and being in Lake Geneva, we walked downtown for St. Patty's Day.  Yes, WALKED!!!  It was awesome... no more feeding the meters (and getting $13 tickets for being 1 minute late on getting back to your car.)  No more worrying about traffic jams on Sunday afternoons... because now these two feet can get me up close and personal with all the fun Lake Geneva has to offer.
Moving makes us sleepy...

This summer is going to be wonderful in our new home, I can just feel it.  I'm very much looking forward to meeting other local business owners and helping to promote the community.  I also hope to meet some of our local boutique and art gallery owners and introduce them to Designs by Dawn Marie Artisan Beaded Jewelry! 

Thanks so much for all your well wishes throughout the move.  We now continue with our regularly scheduled business of creating more custom beaded jewelry one piece at a time! 



scottsgal said...

Dawn congrats on a beautiful home. Lake Geneva is so beautiful - emjoy your house and the lake!


TesoriTrovati said...

AWESOME! I am so glad that it went so well. The only time we moved was in December 2009. Ugh. Snow and cold every where. I think this house is so sweet. It looks like the perfect place to put down roots. One day you might be surprised to find me on you doorstep ready to bead! ;-)
May you have many many years of happiness here! Welcome home!
Enjoy the day!

Saturday Sequins said...

The new place looks beautiful, and I'm so glad your neighbors are nice!


Beadwright said...

I am so happy that you are in your new beautiful home. Now pray mine sells so I can move as well.
Enjoy your new space.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thank you all so very much. It already feels like home... and that's a wonderful feeling!

Tracy Statler said...

Congratulations on the easy move. I love Lake Geneva. I spent my childhood going there for movies, ice cream at Aunt Annie's Ice Cream Parlor, boating on the lake. Just an awesome resort community. So many boutiques with great seasonal traffic for your jewelry. Enjoy your cute new home!



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