Monday, March 26, 2012

Grand Bead Embroidery Plan Takes a Detour

What do they say about the best plans... sometimes they take a little detour, right?  Well, I'm officially on the Detour Turnpike and loving it!  

With summer coming I decided to make some smaller, bead embroidered pieces for my Etsy shop that are easy to wear with your daily wardrobe.  I love a statement piece as much as anybody else.  But I wanted to bring in an element of casual style while still maintaining the unique artistry of bead embroidery.

So I created these earrings, call them Purple Reign and intended fully to list them in my store for sale.

Then as I as beading, they started to hypnotize me... and sing to me... and then they batted their sweet little leverbacks as I was taking their picture and you know what?

This prototype pair has now found it's permanent place in my jewelry box.  For me.forever mine!  Yep, I loved them so much I had to keep them... dang their sweet charm!

BUT I love them so much it's the first time that I'll gladly repeat a design.  Why?  Because I think every earlobe on the planet needs a pair of these!  So I did list them in my Etsy store as made to order. 

So if you're looking for some really lightweight fun earrings for the summer, or a gift for someone special, check out my made-to-order listing for Purple Reign!

Am I the only one that's designed to sell, then decided to keep the piece?  What's your story???  

Hope your week is absolutely fabulous! 


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Dawn,
Those are pretty and I can see why you would want to keep them.

Saturday Sequins said...

Dawn, those earrings are adorable! What a great idea to make them to order so you can sell some AND have some for yourself.

I admit that I'm very guilty of keeping pieces for myself. I get so emotionally attached! I'll have to try your method. :)

Halinka said...

The earrings are so beautiful and special with those fine drops at the ends.No strange-You wanted to keep a pair for Yourself.
Your story reminds me one of mine,when I made an Autumn pendant with the rowan berry batch,made from the copper'Preciosa' and the goldsand gemstone.I had even inserted the photos+description+price in my webshop and looking at the photos I suddenly discovered its real beauty,so I withdrew it from the shop as fast,as I could,before someone decided to buy it.It's so special and unique.Wherever I go with it on my neck,people watch it and curiously ask,'where I have bought it':-))
I wish You a Happy Beading Week -

Beadwright said...

These are so pretty. Up until very recently I have never in 47 years kept a piece for myself. Hey I have been paying the bills. I sell the pieces off my neck or wrist or ears. But in the last few years I have kept a few just for me.


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