Thursday, June 21, 2012

Are You Tired of Craziness and Chaos from Wearing too Many Hats?

I know I'm not the only one that juggles, balances and goes to extremes to keep the household running (cleaned and fed) as well as managing my business appointments and working on client's commissions.   In a day we wear so many hats that we can get completely immersed in the project at hand only to think... did I eat lunch yet???  Oh well, it's 5:00 somewhere... time to get dinner ready.

And while I enjoy the circus, I myself am not trying out to be a clown that juggles anytime soon!  So why am I telling you this?  Because I've been using a great planner that has really allowed me to organize every aspect of me in one place.  Crazy right?

I'll admit, I'm an office supply junkie... so a trip down the planner aisle at Staples is a bit like crack for me.  Ooooo, ahhhh.... and new pens, don't even get me started.  But really, having all my "stuff" in one spot has always been a challenge.  I've kept a business calendar for my appointments, a fitness tracker to track my workouts, a daily To Do list... and random post-it notes for things that just don't fit anywhere else but I need to remember.  And I don't even have kid schedules like my sister and so many of my friends have!

When my friend Elaine showed me the planner she was using I tried to steal hers... but then realized her to do list wouldn't fit my needs, so I had to get my own. :(

The Ideal Life Planner has been the answer to so many aspects of craziness in my life.  It not only organizes your business, but helps you organize your health and your priorities as well.  What I really appreciate is that the entire planner isn't dated... so you can start it whenever you want.  It also focuses on the positive and gratitude which aligns our hearts and minds to be the best "YOU" you can be!

So what's in this magical planner that I am soooooo in love with? 

  • Monthly & Weekly Inspiration & Motivation
  • Open Calendar Space for started your journey whenever you wish
  • Daily Scheduling pages to keep you organized
  • Extra space for notes and lists
  • An easy to use nutritional & fitness tracking system (This was my missing piece!)
  • Space to identify your priorities - family, personal development, spiritual, business, etc.
  • MY FAVORITE part is a section just for gratitude... "taking a moment to acknowledge and appreciate what you are thankful for brings feelings of hopefulness and joy!"
After I started using the planner and loving it, I wanted to share my experience with the creator Kelly Wagner.  Kelly is one busy, BUSY mom that created this planner as a way to organize her own life.  She has a bazillion (7) kids ranging from 6-16 years old.  With sports, meetings, work and family time she needed to having something to remind her to eat every now and again... and to get in her workout when she could.  Kelly's life is all about coloring outside the lines and being a good role model for her kids.  And until she created her own, she couldn't find a planner that "fit" everything in.

BALANCE that's what this planner gives me! 

This planner has simplified my life so very much.  If you're wearing 87 hats and find that you are sometimes forgetting to take a deep breath and center yourself, then maybe Kelly's planner can help you bring peace to your day!

I love it and I know you will too!  You can get the Ideal Life Planner in Green, Pink or Hot Pink (my fav.)  I will be accessorizing mine with some flatbacked Swarovski crystals, you better believe it! :o)  You have the option of getting the 2012 Ideal Life Planner which is dated for this year - or when you're in the shopping cart, you can add the un-dated 6 month planner to your cart and delete the dated planner.

I hope your day is balance and full of joy!

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