Monday, June 18, 2012

Accessorizing a Grand Wedding Celebration - Grand Finale

Good Luck Little Sis!
What lengths we go to in the name of beauty!
This weekend was such a special weekend for our family.  We celebrated my sister Amy's wedding.  After years of dating, months of planning, dozens of tastings, appointments and fittings Amy & Don officially tied the knot. 

As part of their special day, I was able to add sparkles to so many lady loves in my life.  I started this blog series to document each piece I was able to create for the special day.  Saturday brought so much pride to my heart.  As a big sister, I was sooooo happy to see my little sis so beautiful and so in love.  She was simply glowing and it just touched my heart to no end.  As a jewelry artist, my creative heart beamed... people were complimenting the jewelry without even knowing I had created it.  Amy's photographer was commenting on her accessories and how beautiful they sparkled... it gave her great pride to point at me and say, "My sister made that!"
Copyright Matt Mason Photography

I think I've talked enough... I just want to show and tell now.  I'll let you see Amy in all her glory, shining like the elegant & sophisticated bride that she is!  For a peek at the entire wedding album created by Matt Mason Photography out of Lake Geneva, WI you can visit his Smug Mug profile at:!i=1910263087&k=SHHzrV8
My Beautiful Mom Just Glowing
Copyright Matt Mason Photography

Copyright Matt Mason Photography
Copyright Matt Mason Photography
Copyright Matt Mason Photography
Here's the links to the specific posts featuring pieces of this beautiful wedding that I was able to contribute to:

Yes, there is no jewelry and this picture has no edits, touch-ups or enhancements, but there sure is a lot of love!  It was taken at the salon right after we all had our hair done.  It's the 3 sisters... Left to right, Brenda, Amy & Dawn.  I don't know when the last time was (if ever in our adult life) that we've had a sister picture taken.  This is a picture I'll treasure forever!

It just filled my heart and overflowed my love 'o meter sharing in this weekend.  Making bridal jewelry is really special in itself, but getting to see it walk down the aisle, dance the first dance, toss flower petals and cut the cake are really special moments!

Now it's your turn!  Spread love and joy this week! 

Dawn Doucette, Artisan
For information about affordable bridal jewelry or to discuss having custom wedding jewelry created for you and your wedding party, contact Designs By Dawn Marie at: or on Facebook


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Dawn,
Your Sister looked so beautiful and very happy. Best wishes to her and her new life with her husband.
The jewelry you created for the day was gorgeous. I know how you feel I felt the same way when my little sister got married back in 1990.

Kim said...

Your sister was gorgeous, thank you for sharing all the pictures I loved looking at them. The jewelry you created was absolutely beautiful. And the flowers - wow. I love love love orchids. And blue is my favorite color. I hope to someday see my younger sister that happy on her wedding day :-)

Lori said...

Wow... what awesome pictures..The photographer did an amazing job..Hard to pick a favorite shot...So many to choose from on that link. Adorable little girl asleep on the Bench thou..AWWWWW too cute..LOL....My fav of your sis? Probably the one in the Carriage..Stunning!

Kristen said...

Yes the love was flowing my sweet friend I saw all the gorgeous pictures and my favorite is the kiss with all three of you but the other one.....You watching them take their vows. No words to describe the emotions that flowed in that picture.

Beadwright said...

Wow you and your sis really look like your mom. Beatiful. Thanks for sharing this personal moment in all your lives.


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