Sunday, June 3, 2012

If you like Pina Coladas -or Lampwork Glass- and Getting Caught in the Rain

And now find yourself humming the Jimmy Buffet song like a life-long parrothead... then you really ought to check out this uber special sale my dear-friend-almost-sister-except-we-don't-share-any-familial-blood is having in her store.

This was my first "Zit Bead" from Juls - Do you see the imperfection? Neither do I! 
She's collected a whole lotta orphans (and you know I have a thing for lost orphans that don't have a mate in the lampwork world or they aren't perfect) and she's having a lottery with them.  First, let's define orphans.... orphans are those lampwork beads that are leftover from other sets.  Some of them aren't perfect, but none of us are (side note: I've bought many, Many, MANY of Juli's orphans in my time and ALL of them are stunning!) 
Circa 2010- See, Zit Beads turn into beautiful butterflies too! Promise!

She's put some special orphan collections together and is selling them as sets.  When they are sold out, Juli is holding a lottery and refunding one persons all of their money!  So, FREE beads... it's a game worth playing if you love really high quality lampwork glass!

Here's her link... hurry, only 10 sets are left last I heard!

And because I know you're now singing that Jimmy Buffet song and bustin' out the blender for a early morning frozen beverage... here's a treat for you!

Hope your weekend is full of sunshine, fruity happiness and dancing!
Fine Print: Doesn't include coconut bra.


Beadwright said...

You can not go wrong creating with Jules beads. This is so beautiful. Very much like my style of beading.
You know great minds think and create alike. :))

Shaiha said...

Thanks for the link! I love Jul's beads and hopefully there will be some left when I get paid


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