Friday, June 1, 2012

Because Time is Never Ending and We can Never Participate in Enough Challenges - Right?

When I heard Amy Severino from Amybeads had put together a kit for another challenge, I skipped right over to her blog to find out more.  I loved the last challenge kits she put together, but was unable to participate to do life-ous interrupt-ous at that time (moving). 

This challenge however isn't due tomorrow (thank goodness) so I have time to ponder, get inspired and complete it.  I picked up the kit (I felt guilty, it was almost like stealing it was beyond reasonable) and waited patiently (tapping foot, pacing for 5 days) for the mail woman to deliver it. 

When the kit came, I squealed because the pieces of the kit were so beautiful!  The focal is this really beautiful metallic pendant, in pewter, copper and bronze tree of life.  She also sent complimentary pearls, spacers and crystals to really make a knockout piece!  The reveal is sometime in August (which means I have to tell my brain July to make sure I'm not late the to party) and I cannot wait to see what everybody makes, and in the mean time I'm thinking... thinking... and thinking (boy that's rough on the old noggin') about what masterpiece this will turn into. 

From my neck of the woods in Lake Geneva, WI - hope your weekend is filled with Sunshine, Love and Lots of Fun!

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Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Dawn,
This kit is a beautiful! I'm in the thinking stage also!


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