Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When You go From Extremes of All White to Black & White Bead Embroidery - Then THIS Happens

So a short bit ago I was working in a white on white color palette for my sister's wedding.  I created her bridal jewelry and veil (with over 100 crystals).  Upon thinking I was in a blizzard (in May) I decided I needed to change things up after that so I went with sheer contrast.

I created this black and white necklace using bead embroidery that helped my eyes re-focus and made me realize indeed, I was not going blind. 

SO with anything in life, there has to be some middle ground... wherein I confess I like having matching sets.  (I'm not going to say is an obsession or my therapist will call me and immediately send me a bill because she could.)  So while I'm working on my next "ah ha" moment, I took a little break and created the perfect pair of matching earrings for the black & white necklace!  Or if you're a free spirit, wear them on their own *gasp* without a necklace!  Whoa.... did I just type that?  Yikes, I best take my head outside for fresh air!

Hope you have a fantastic afternoon!


Regina said...

Beautiful, love the asymmetric design elements in the pendant, so intricate, so lovely.

Beadwright said...

Now this is beyond awesome! I love black and white. Tim Gun would tell you that matchy matchy is passe and that earrings need to be cousins to necklaces not sisters. Hee hee hee. I love the matching earrings.

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