Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Biggest Blog Giveaway of the YEAR!!!

Are you ready for Blogmania 2010?  What is Blogmania you ask... well, simply put it is going to be the MOST incredible, biggest blogging event of the year!  On April 30th, for one day only, over 120 blogs from around the world are coming together to host a huge, that's right, HUGE giveaway day!

Every single blog on the list will be offering a free giveaway to you for stopping by their blog.  From one blog to the next, you'll be able to click thru the links and visit all 120+ blogs, enter to win their giveaway and meet tons of great bloggers in the process.  Prizes include, custom made jewelry, collector books, bath & beauty products, clothing, gift cards... and the list goes on.

So what should you do?  

First, if you're not already a follower, follow my blog on the right.  This way on April 30th, you'll have direct access to my blog where I will have a list of participating bloggers to get you started.

Second, make sure you mark it on your calendar.  This is going to be absolutely huge, it's global and you can win a ton of FREE Stuff!

Thirdly, tell your friends... they'll want to participate too.  Who doesn't want to meet some great people and win free stuff?  Send them to my blog and have them follow me so they can jump in on the fun first thing on April 30th.

Lastly, make sure if you use a cordless mouse, that it has plenty of battery juice!  You wouldn't want to run out when you're on the 29th blog and have to waste valuable surfing time running to the store for more batteries! ☺

I'm really looking forward to making Blogmania the biggest blogging event of the year!  Can't wait to see you back on the 30th where I'm going to give away an incredible set of custom designed jewelry!  You won't want to miss it!  Have a terrific weekend! ♣


Jolynn_Reads said...

I'm way excited! This will be so fun!

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks a million for the info, I'm in! I just made my first mention of it and also wanted to share the 6th photo game with you. Here's today's post.

Regina said...

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you get some sunny days soon. Enjoy your weekend.

Dawn Doucette said...

Jolynn - I'm way excited too! It'll be great to meet other wonderful bloggers (and blog readers!) :)

Lisa - thanks for the mention! I just read your post and love the 6th picture game. I'll give it a whirl this week! How fun! I'm so glad you were able to jump in and join Blogmania!

Regina - You're welcome! I always look forward to your posts! Hope your weekend is wonderful too!

crush. blog said...

Woo hoo - five more days!!!

Dawn Doucette said...

Four days & counting!!! Thanks for stopping by crush! :)

mandala said...

Twitter follower (@mandalarctic)

thanks for the chance



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