Friday, April 2, 2010

Pendant Giveaway

Happy Easter to All! It's Freebie Friday!  Today I want to share a give away I just learned about from a friend on Twitter! 

This week's giveaway is from Annette over at Color Me Designs!  Annette makes beautiful jewelry using colored pencils... yes you read correctly, COLORED PENCILS!  Her contest runs from April 1st - 30th and she's giving away two of her beautiful pendants as the prize.

To enter you need to do the following:
1)      Direct as many people as you know to Annette's new website, Color Me Designs at
2)      Instruct them go to the "Contact Me" page and enter their name and email address in the top portion of the form.
3)      For the Subject matter have them enter Pendant Give Away.
4)      IMPORTANT – In the Message box enter my name (Dawn Doucette) and email address ( Annette needs this information so she can contact the winner.

At the end of the promotion, whoever referred the most people will win the pendant.  It’s that simple!

But that’s not all, Annette will also generate a list of everyone who submitted a form and will draw one name from that list.  That person will also win a pendant.

So there will be TWO winners... will you be one of them?  While you're over at Color Me Designs, check out her gallery.  I've never seen colored pencil jewelry and found all of her pieces really, really fun!

I hope you have a very blessed Easter surrounded by all the things that you are so blessed to have in your life~ family, friends, love, and certainly lots of laughter!

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Azure Islands Designs said...

What an interesting concept...her designs are really great!!!


Dawn Doucette said...

I'm fascinated... in a childhood fantasy sort of way. Who-da-thunk it"? :)

Thanks for stopping by Heather!


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