Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lampwork Glass Starfish Necklace

The inspiration for most of the pieces I create come from something, somewhere, or someone specific.  In other words I design from the heart.  Which if you get to know me, you'll quickly learn that's really how I am in every aspect of my life.  I live by my intuition and love from the heart.

About a month ago, I ordered a pendant that just really caught my eye, but at that time, I didn't know exactly why or what it would turn into.  This week, I had my Ah-Ha moment with the starfish pendant.

I gained all sorts of inspiration from the cute little starfish, added some Mother of Pearl, some adorable glass sea shell beads and viola!

I designed this set as a gift for someone who is facing adversity with a smile on her face and love seeping out of all of her pores.  As a family over the years, they shared wonderful trips to the Caribbean and spent many special moments scuba diving with the fish.  This is just a little something to give you a moment to reminisce over happy times, and gain strength to get you through the challenging moments you are facing today!  I know in my heart, the Good Health Fairy will be knocking on your door soon, bringing strength and love so you guys can plan another wonderful adventure in the next chapter together!  Just make sure you answer the door when she knocks!

P.S.  Aren't the dangly seashells so adorable on these earrings?  I just 'wubs 'em! :)


Beadativity said...

This is such a cute set! I know your friend will love it!

Jen V. said...

That's a great set! I love the bright color of the starfish. :)

Regina said...

Love the shell earrings. What a good friend you are. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Dawn Doucette said...

You are all such dears! Thanks so much for the comments. I know she'll love it too! I had much fun with the little guy! So much so I ordered a similar style so I can do another fun necklace with the little glass seashells. I just 'wubs 'em!

Have a terrific Sunday all! :)

Azure Islands Designs said...

What a great set Dawn...I love anything related to water/sea!!!

I know all about your huge are full of love & sunshine, which I've felt personally!!!

I know your friend will be thrilled with the well as your heartfelt wishes!!!

Rose said...

Personally, starfish scare me (irrational, I know) but I think the pendant is cute! And I love what you did with it! And the earrings will pair wonderfully with it. Very beautiful!

Handmade Jewelry Haven said...

Hi Dawn-

Found your blog on 'Beadtivities' site and just love your pieces!!
As a person who grew up in and around the ocean (and a Scuba person as well) I just LOVED these earrings!! Beautiful!!

Hope you can come and check out my blog too at

Handmade Jewelry Haven


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