Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Social Media Marketing

Do you feel bombarded or overwhelmed by all the various online social networking sites?  Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube... I could go on and on.  The list is growing daily.  What's important is that you find the social outlets that work for you!  Not every social website is designed as a one size fits all.

I'll admit, I've been "Twitter Challenged."  For me, I love to talk and type and keeping my message to 140 characters is really, really difficult.  I'm learning daily.  I think Chris really likes this shortened method of communicating especially during the Duke/Butler B-ball game last night.  :o) (BTW, I'm also notorious for having "brilliant" ideas I just have to share at the most interesting parts of the game.  Sorry Chris!) http://www.twitter.com/designsbydawnmd

I think as you are learning all about online social networks, as an artist (whether you are playing with fire, melting glass or putting together beaded jewelry) having somewhere that you can display photos of your work is absolutely required.  For me, Facebook is the perfect outlet for Designs by Dawn Marie.  (of course in addition to my blog here)  I have a personal profile (and welcome all your friendships) and currently a group.  From what I've learned, I'm in the process of creating a Fan Page rather than the group for a number of reasons. http://www.facebook.com/dawndoucette

Youtube is an awesome outlet if you like to take videos.  It's a great way to build up trust with your target market.  Whether you are doing a "How To" instructional video, or a "Meet the Artist" being able to speak with your audience is HUGE in helping them to connect with you.  For me personally, I don't like video cameras (or being in front of groups) so I'm not on Youtube.

I also had a myspace profile set up for a long time.  What I found happening with Myspace is that is began to get saturated with spam and it wasn't "friendly" about sharing the messages I wanted to communicate.  Comparing both Facebook to Myspace, I felt FB was a more professional venue to connect with my peeps.  :)  I could post links, display photos, chat if I want to, and keep in touch with everybody easily.

I've read two books that have really given me clarity in helping to figure out online social networking and taken an online course.  The Twitter Video in the course was what prompted me to try it.  I can always change course, but if my jewelry boat never left the dock, I'd never see anything! :)

So here's the resources I thank for sharing the knowledge of different online methods.  Hope they can help you gain clarity too!  The first book is a short but very powerful read!

Online Course:  http://www.mlmsuperstartraining.com - great video training for all avenues of online marketing.

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Azure Islands Designs said...

Yes...sometimes I do feel over whelmed with everything out there...there just isn't time to do everything!!! So as you say it is best to stick with what works as well as what you enjoy!
Those books look interesting...


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