Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bloggers helping Bloggers

This post is so exciting for me.  I want to thank Kelly Morin over at Beadativity for sharing the love of beads with me!

Originally I met Kell through her blog and on Facebook.  You always know when you meet someone special that was destined to be your friend.  Through blogging and social networking, I've met so many wonderful jewelry makers this way. 

When I saw Kell's photo album on Facebook, this style of bracelet kept coming back to me.  I'd find myself flipping over there to browse again and after 48 hours I knew I needed to purchase one of Kell's bracelets... but in my favorite color... PURPLE!

As it happened, Kell liked one of my wire crochet necklaces!  So we facilitated a jewelry swap!  My package came in the mail yesterday and I opened it as quickly as kids will run around and hunt for their Easter Baskets this weekend!

I love, love, LOVE my bracelet and hope you stop over to Kell's Blog and keep in touch with her.  She's a wonderful woman and a great bead artist!  Thank you Kell for swapping with me!  I hope you like your necklace as much as I love my bracelet!  ♥


Azure Islands Designs said...

Lucky you...the bracelet is wonderful!!! I like that it seems to fit snug on the wrist!!!


Dawn Doucette said...

Welcome Back Heather! It's absolutely beautiful! I had asked Kell to make it fit because most of the time my little wrists don't work with bracelets. So I had her make it my perfect size!

I've gotten many compliments already. It's just visually appealing!

Thanks for visiting! :)
Have a terrific day!

Cristina said...

Wonderful!!!i love it!


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