Thursday, April 8, 2010

Funky Fun Jewelry Purchase

Sometimes you see something that you just "Must Have!"  Such is the case when I saw a Tweet from @EtsyJodi about a new listing in her Etsy store.  It said something to the effect of "A perfect Cup of Coffee!"  Seriously, it had my name all over it.

So I popped over to A Bead on a Wire and scooped up the ring with hopes it would come in time to be a conversation piece at our family Easter.

Jodi shipped right away and the package arrived in perfect condition on Friday before Easter!  Woot, woot for timing!  Inside Jodi had wrapped two adorable pink jewelry boxes with purple ribbon.  My coffee cup ring was just darling.  I actually giggled like a little girl when I put it on.  It just exudes happiness!  Jodi's such a doll too, she even included a free gift.  Groovy Lego Earrings... Thanks Jodi!  It was a great stroll down memory lane!

If you're looking for something to start a conversation, all of her jewelry is super cute and does spark lots of smiles!  Click here to visit Jodi's Etsy Store - A Bead on a Wire!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Some people have the most wonderful imagination, don't they!!! Your coffee cup is the cutest thing!

I thought the Retro Analog Television necklace was reminded me of when I was a child and we had a black & white TV that look very similiar to the pendant!

Enjoy your day Dawn...

Dawn Doucette said...

I just love sharing! Sometimes the biggest smiles come from the smallest things!

Thanks for visiting Jodi's store! She's a sweetie!

Have a great afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dawn, this was a BIG treat to see this morning! Thank you!!!!!

It's these things that wonderful people like you do that make me know life is good!!!

Hugs and many thanks!


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