Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jewelry on Display

I have to share a few pictures I was e-mailed of Designs by Dawn Marie in action!  It's such a good feeling to hear the happiness and in these cases see the joy on my customers - even the little ones' faces.

This photo is one of my beaded eyeglass chains.  This little cutie wanted to wear "Gamma's Necklace."  And then made sure that Grandma took her picture!  "I pretty Gamma!"

Yes sweetie, you are adorable!

The next photo comes to us from the "surprise jewelry" I sent out a few weeks ago.  I got this e-mail from B's mom.

"Thank you SOOOOO much! You did not have to do that, but I very much appreciate it. B loved them so much, she put them on right away! :) I have a feeling I'll be having a hard time getting them back as well, however she did tell me when she took them off tonight that she put them back in the box and put them away for when I want to wear them. She said, "We can share them, ok Mommy?" lol So frickin' cute! :)
So thank you again, Ms. Dawn! You do some amazing beautiful things."
I just love making people happy!  Thanks so much to both of you for sharing the photos with me.  They made my day and I feel so lucky to have brought so many smiles to yours!
Hope you are all having a terrific weekend!

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures - they show off your creative skills wonderfully. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.



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