Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gifts From ALASKA!

Just when you think the frozen tundra can't get any more frozen, a package from ALASKA shows up in my mailbox!  Actually from the now famous WASILLA, Alaska!  And because I'm over the moon with excitement, I had to spill right here in the middle of blog land.  LOOK at what my friend Dawn sent me...

Now are you drooling too?  This stunning bracelet was created by Dawn Horner of Northern Adornments.  Dawn and I have just connected recently in a forum we both particpate in. (It's The Hive, and if you're an artisan and haven't checked it out, you must!)  Both being "Dawn's" it's like we're kindred spirits.  Dawn operates Northern Adornments and creates BEAUTIFUL chainmaille jewelry.  It's funny, because I don't think I'd have the patience to connect all those jump rings one at a time. At the same time, creating pieces with seed beads brings me to a very peaceful, zen-like place.

Dawn was inspired to create this piece because I was challenging myself and whomever wanted to join me to create piece for the Happy Mango Beads Valentine Contest.  For me, Dawn's beautiful bracelet just spoke to me.  I love the vibrant red mix with the shiny sterling silver.... ahhhh, I could continue for hours.  Because I keep glancing at my wrist as I type this, and that bracelet keeps smiling back!  LOL

When I commented on how much I LOVED the bracelet Dawn sent me a really nice e-mail back.  She was incredibly appreciative - BUT- She doesn't like red!  GASP, for real?  Somebody doesn't like red?!?!  Whoa.... I better sit down for this!  So Dawn offered to do a Jewelry Swap! 

So while I create a piece especially for Dawn using colors that I know she loves, she sent the bracelet out right away before she got snowed in for 3 months. :o)  After all, it's Alaska!  It's the first piece of chainmaille jewelry I've ever owned and I just love it.  Dawn, your talent is incredible and your friendship is so special to me.  Thank you for welcoming me to The Hive and continually providing encouragement and inspiration! 

I'd really love it if you took a moment to connect with Dawn!  
She's a true gem and a wonderfully talented artisan!
Northern Adornments Website:  http://www.northernadornments.biz/

Beadmaille: Jewelry with Bead Weaving & Metal Rings (Lark Jewelry Books)


Julianna Cannon said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! What a gorgeous bracelet. <3

Karla said...

It's truly lovely and unusual! I'm curious to see what you're sending back.

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Oh, you lucky girl! That's gorgeous! I checked out her website. Beautiful stuff!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Gorgeous bracelet...I love chain maille but this isn't something I do much of as my fingers don't work well with those small rings... :0)

I'll check out her sites...

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

I am very lucky. It is STUNNING! I'm finishing Dawn's present this weekend and will be getting pics on the first sunny day after I finish it up!

I can't wait to share! Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and for visiting Dawn's blog! She's a sweetie!

Have a terrific day!


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