Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ginormous Snow

Yuppers, we made it through the Great Blizzard of 2011 (not to be confused with the Dairy Queen variety - which would be totally awesome right now if it wasn't -2 degrees outside).  As the weather guessers predicted, we got pummeled with copious amounts of God's dandruff.  Then the winds came and created their very own sculptures... causing drifts to be up to 5"+ tall in some areas.  Our driveway was drifted over at about 3' tall and we have a parking lot for a driveway (literally).  So we were soooooo greatful to have a Kubota tractor to move the mountains!

I wanted to document this crazy Snowmagedon because I've never in over 30 years of my life seen this much snow in one single storm.  We had about 20" total, with Kenosha just 40 minutes down the road where Chris' family lives getting over 2 FEET! 

What words can't say, photos will.  In this photo collage, look at the top row of pictures.  Taken Monday, Tuesday and then yesterday.  Notice the birch stump sticking out of the ground... it's our built in measuring stick.  Our English Setter standing next to it in the first picture is about a 60 lb. dog to give you a bearing of the size.  Look at Day 1, Day 2, but then really Day 3!  How crazy is that?

The Dogs thoroughly love the snow mountains.  It's like a whole new world and they get to mark their territory all over again!  Ahhhh, if only our lives were so simple!  :o)  The screened in porch picture in the middle speaks volumes.  We've NEVER gotten this kind of snow in the porch.  The winds were just that crazy.
Everybody needs to eat sometime, I just choose birdseed!

Today is a beautiful, bright blue sky.  The temps are frigid, but the scenery is gorgeous!  I will definitely need to break out the sunglasses to go out and about this afternoon! 

Stay warm & snuggly!

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Azure Islands Designs said...!!!
That was some storm...big & fierce!!!

Good to know you weathered it fine...but those pictures speak volumes...good thing you have a Kubota tractor otherwise you could still be shoveling!

Stay warm...

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