Saturday, February 12, 2011

Top Super Secret Jewelry Exchange - REVEALED

Guess what?  We had sun... for just a wee bit this morning.  So I took full advantage and captured some photos that I know you were just chomping at the bit to see. :)

Back a few days ago I posted about a jewelry exchange I was doing with Dawn from Alaska.  (If you didn't read it, click here to catch up.)  I'll wait....

Well, Dawn wears mostly neutrals, I wanted to design a piece for her that fit with ANYTHING she wears.  SO, I've combined hues of black, browns and copper to give this piece the depth and color I had envisioned.  Something different, unique and one of a kind.  So in honor of finishing this before Valentine's day, I'm calling this piece - Dove Delight!

Dawn will be seeing this for the first time on The Hive... so I can't wait to hear her squeal!  I bet I won't even need a telephone to hear that! :o)

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!  I'm off to go enjoy our 40 degree heat wave we're experiencing!
A Bead in Time: 35 Jewelry Projects Inspired by Slices of Life


Julianna Cannon said...

Holy Smokes, Woman! That's gorgeous! You're a natural.


Regina said...


Northern Adornments Jewelry Designs said...

Well, they are all shaking their ears clear over at the Hive from my yells, and I'm still trying to compose myself! You are a gifted, blessed designer Dawn, and this piece of yours make me feel like I just got a huge, warm, hug from across the continent!


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