Monday, February 21, 2011

Prep for an Open House

Look at the sheen on the driveway
This week finds me going over my "Checklist" for my open house.  This Saturday I've been asked over to a friends house to display and sell my jewelry.  I've partnered with her to have an open house before so I'm looking forward to seeing some of her friends again!

As always, I'm tweaking my display, wanting to make maximum best use of the space I have and bring the best of my pieces that will appeal to a diverse audience.

I'm double checking my packaging, business cards and earring cards.

Over the weekend we had a mixed bag of weather... Saturday was sun and blue sky... yesterday!  Which promptly froze last night and I now am the proud owner of a driveway sized ice rink!  There is a beauty in ice however.  It's sparkly and freeform.  Looking out my backdoor, I have this beautiful crab apple tree that is just glistening with ice droplets this morning.  If the sun were to come out it would be breathtaking.  Alas, even under cloudy skies, I see the beauty!  So I wanted to share with you!
Tiny droplets of ice dripping off the branches

I hope you enjoy the day and see beauty in the simple things around you!


Regina said...

I hope you have good weather today. Good luck at the open house and have a great week.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Hope the weather cooperates for your open house Dawn!
Enjoy the day...


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