Monday, April 4, 2011

Call for Bloggers to Unite and Help Out

I know I'm not usually a late night blogger, but this post is really, really important to me... so I had to get the message out right away.

I have a cousin Lexi, whom is almost like a daughter to me - except I skipped the whole labor pains part.  But I did teach her to crawl and walk... and recently I've taught her the great art of coffee drinking.  She's a freshman at the University of Tampa, so coffee is a must, right?

Anyhoo, Lexi has recently taken on the responsibility to be the Captain for her Relay for Life team.  For Lexi, this is a personal mission... I want to see her exceed her wildest expectations because she's just that special.  So this is why I'm sharing with you, and asking you to help me knock her socks off!

This past year Lexi's world has been turn upside down, inside out and then shaken up just to make sure her eyes were crossed because of Cancer.  Not only did she lose her Grandpa to cancer, her Step-Dad Bill has also been fighting a rigorous fight, not once complaining or looking sour.  Rather every single day he along with my Aunt Monica focus on the positive things they are blessed with, obey all the doctors orders and pray for God to show them the path they are supposed to travel down.

So while Bill is still going through his treatments, Lexi embraced the University of Tampa's Relay for Life event as a personal mission!  I know so many of us have been touch by cancer.  It's a really, really oppressive disease that would be incredible to be able to understand better and find the way to treat or even cure.

If you would like to help Lexi raise funds to continue the research that Relay for Life supports, would you please consider making a donation to Lexi's team?  I'll put the link to her personal website at the bottom of this post!  If you make a donation in honor of a loved one, I'll shed tears with you.  It really means so much that you'd be willing to share the memory.  Love is all there is!

(C) Life Photography by MaryBeth
Lexi, I'm so very proud of you for making this your personal mission.  Your constant optimism and happiness despite all the challenges is commendable!  I love you so very much! XOXO

A message Lexi sent me:  
"Hope never dies, but someday, cancer will. You guys have seen me deal with Bill's cancer through the best and worst of times, and you guided me into something better, some path that led me to participating in this event, and for that I would like to thank you. When everything else feels empty, hope and love prevail. Thank you guys!

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you know that you are making a huge difference . Hope is in the air. Let the helping hands unite! I love you all! You guys mean the world to me :)" ~Lexi Holland

Here's the link to Lexi's personal website:

I appreciate you spending your time right here in my little corner of the Blog-o-sphere. It means the world to me!  Thank you so very much for any help you can give Lexi and her Relay for Life team!

{Peace, Love & Hugs!}

Lexi & I circa 1994-ish

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Azure Islands Designs said...

Lexi sounds like a wonderful person!
We do the Canadian Relay for Life here in daughter and her husband are generous son-in-laws sister passed away two years ago from cancer.

Cancer is such a wide spread terrible disease...we have to keep fighting!!!

Best wishes to Lexi and her team.


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