Sunday, April 24, 2011

Open the wine, dip your eggs, it's Easter!

What's your Easter traditions?  Do you dye eggs with your kids or grandkids?  Do you attend Easter Service on Resurrection Sunday?  At meal time do you find yourself surrounded with a feast of bountiful food, family and lots of laughter?

Maybe this week you have been celebrating Passover.  While I was raised Christian and have not experienced a Jewish Holiday, it's always fascinated me.  I love to learn and experience new things.  Traditions and activities that have been practiced for centuries by others, but I've never had the chance to partake in.  One avenue that has helped me learn so very much is all the personal touches my blog friends share on their blogs.  That's right, I'm talking to you!  :)  By you opening up about yourself and sharing of yourself I've learned more and that file cabinet I call a brain... yup, it keeps getting bigger!  And that emotional file cabinet I call my heart, it keeps on growing too!

As so many are celebrating traditional religious holidays today, I'd love to know what your traditions are.  Our day is spent with family  (which I'm about to go make our traditional Corn Casserole for our family feast.)  Having two big families, we alternate Easter and Thanksgiving going back and forth between both sides.  We've found balance, love and it works!

So, what's your special day include today?  Sending hippity hoppity Easter wishes out to you and yours!

{Hugs & Love!}

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