Saturday, April 2, 2011

As Beautiful As a Picture - Beaded Dreams Collection

Meet Chitralekha!

Chitralekha means as beautiful as a picture in Native American, Alaskan, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Mohawk and Miwok.  I thought it absolutely fitting for this beautiful necklace.

She started as a beautiful turquoise stone and a petrified wood bead.  I love the way the browns and turquoise families play with each other.  So fun, so rich and so appealing to the eyes.  I didn't draw her out, I just let the beads tell me when they wanted more embellishments and when they were fit to finish.  The petrified wood fascinates me.  Those beads can be millions of years old!  (I ordered them along with the magnesite at the bottom from Happy Mango Beads).  GREAT selection of unique beads from around the world.  So where those trees were before, what was their story, and how they finally traveled to my hands will always be a mystery.  But the energy and feeling they give off is almost magical!

I also want to give credit for the ceramic beads I used in the chain.  MaryAnn Carroll creates some incredible ceramic focals and beads for her business Artisan Beads Plus on Etsy.  I had been a follower of MaryAnn's blog for some time and wanted to experiment with ceramic beads, but the vision had not yet come to me.  When she had a contest I quickly shared with all my friends because MaryAnn's designs are just special.  Low and behold, I won.  But these precious ceramic beads were so unique I knew they would take a very special piece of jewelry to showcase them properly.  When the creative inspiration arrived, the beads were waiting!  Thanks MaryAnn for these delicious baubles! ♥

Chitralekha told me two wasn't finished, she needed the third focal bead added. For so many reasons, three resonates with me.   Three is an out of the box number.  In recent years, we've seen three used to represent past, present and future.  Taken literally, the number three invokes expression, versatility and the pure joy of creativity.  And for me, this being one of the pieces of my new line, Beaded Dreams, was a pure joy to create.   Three also symbolizes reward and success in most undertakings! ♥

I can't wait to share more from this collection, but you'll have to wait.  Beaded Dreams will be revealed in it's entirety at my debut on April 28th, live in Williams Bay, WI.  It will be a grand event showcasing this entire line.  Named because each piece of beaded art jewelry is allowing all of my dreams to come true ~ one bead at a time.  The love that goes into each piece is truly special and for anyone that will own a piece from this collection I know you'll feel it personally, too!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I'm off to spend time with family at a baby shower today and a birthday party tomorrow!  LOVE IT!



The Ortegas said...

all I can say is WOW! Gorgeous!

Azure Islands Designs said...

OH my goodness...I'm speechless, now that is a first!!!!!

This is simply gorgeous...your work is growing in leaps and bounds, you should be so very proud of your "Chitralekha " pieces Dawn! I know I don't need to say anything about the color combo except...perfection!

Enjoy your Saturday.

Mellisa said...

So beautiful! I just love the color combination you chose :)


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