Thursday, April 7, 2011

Customized Baby Shower Gifts

I'm excited to post this but I had to wait until the secret was out.  Last weekend I attended a baby shower for my cousin.  While most people give diapers, cloths, nursing supplies and more... I'm not a mom and wanted to give a gift that was unique, something special that wasn't on the registry list or even expected.

I chose to make a wrap bracelet customized with her baby's name - Haylee Grace.  Last summer, I had designed the jewelry for her wedding, all the brides were beautiful in petunia pink with black accents.  So I wanted to carry the theme into this gift as I know that pink is one of my cousin's favorite colors.

She was thrilled to have something so personal.  The other thing I gave her was a children's cookbook from my friend Stacy - SLM Petersen.  I included a personal note that while babies are so cute, and itty bitty... they quickly grow up into two year olds.  And since we don't have showers for two year olds, this would be the perfect gift for a rainy day when you're pulling your hair out sighing "What am I going to do with you child?"

This cookbook has all the recipes you can imagine to keep your child entertained for hours... from sidewalk chalk (yes homemade) to playdoh to gak (I'm sure all mom's want this one!)  These are things that mom can do with the kids that are completely safe, inexpensive and hours of entertainment.

Side note:  I had given my sister the same cookbook at Christmas and she just LOVES it.

My cousin was thrilled with her gift, and so touched by how personal I made it.  The personal note made her tear up, I know... pregnant women are overflowing with emotion already... but she was really moved.  This is her first baby, and she and her husband are both very excited.  I know they will be wonderful parents and I feel blessed to share a piece of Designs by Dawn Marie that has so much meaning!

The simplicity of the Alphabet - it's amazing at how personal it can become!

Hope your day is splendid!

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slmpetersen said...

What a neat gift. I love the idea of the personalized bracelet for the mother to be...what a keepsake that will become.

Also wanted to thank you for the plug. Have a beautiful day!


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