Thursday, April 14, 2011

I want to design jewelry for Latoya Jackson

Have you been watching Celebrity Apprentice this time around?  If you are, then this post will make you nod your head and say "Uh huh!"

From the very first night, seeing Latoya Jackson's jewelry made me want to run up and squeeze her.  The pieces she has chosen to wear have been so complimentary to her wardrobe... and piece that are so elegant and bead rich!

Each piece is a statement piece... I find myself actually becoming giddy as we roll into Sunday evening to see what Latoya will have on this time!  I know it might sound silly... but her jewelry and I could be soul sisters! Seriously!

So I'm putting it all out there again... one of my dreams is to create a one of a kind piece of beaded jewelry for Latoya Jackson!  Because I have learned that sometimes the greatest risks bring the best rewards!  I've got it in my mind... bold, sparkly, something that makes heads turn... a real WOW statement piece!  Hey, it could happen... and when it does, you'll be glad you're not in my living room to hear me squeal!  Because your eardrums would be crying in pain!  :o)

Something like this... 

I'm off to perch my perky little butt on cloud 9 while I dream!
Hope your day is fantastic!


Kristen said...

Now now you know she is busy right now but if she doesn't follow through with my plan she will lose a fan!


sundownbeaddesigns said...

Too funny that you're posting about her jewelry. While watching CA, I had also noticed how fabulous her jewelry is! And you could totally create something that would knock her socks off!

TesoriTrovati said...

Why not just do it? Create something, find her address and send it to her with a note sharing how great you think she is, and if she doesn't want the piece to please auction it off for a charity of her choice. I have wanted to do the same for Robin Roberts on ABC's Good Morning America. I love to tune in to see what she is wearing and would love to be her personal jewelry designer!
Enjoy the day!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Hey Dawn...I also think yo should just make something grand and ship it daring!!! What can you loose but the cost of the beads...who cares, right?

Love the hot pink/black/gray out do yourself with every new piece. Seriously!

Take a leap Dawn!
Enjoy your weekend.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Heaps & Bunches Ladies! Erin, love the idea to send with a note that if it's not her taste, she can donate it to a charity of her choice! Love, love it!

If I disappear for a few weeks, you'll be able to find me in my studio... talking softly to the beads! ;)

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


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