Friday, February 3, 2012

Designs By Dawn Marie Custom Beaded Jewelry is Going to Jamaica AND Barbados

I only wish I could hand deliver the packages!!

Two of my pieces are traveling abroad in the next few weeks.  Remember the Grandmother's necklace I created for a special Christmas gift?  I received a call from the woman that she's so excited to take the piece on vacation with her to Barbados!  Seriously, can I please shrink and fit in the jewelry box with the necklace?

I had another woman that is going on vacation to Jamaica this month.  Swoon... palm trees, sandy beaches, umbrella drinks... no snow.... ahh, bliss.  Oops, sorry, you lost me in a daydream for a moment there.  She wanted a beaded ankle bracelet that was earthy toned and simple.  Nothing to chunky or big.

So I pondered the thought for a while and used some seashells from a Hawaiian shell lei to add a true, natural beachy feel.  Using beachy charms I brought in the feel of tropical and using the silver combined with earthy toned beads she can wear it with other gold or silver (or even brassy) jewelry!  So it's multi-purpose!

While I sit and daydream about being on vacation (the moving boxes quickly bring me back to reality) it sounds like we'll be able to take residency of our new home in less than two weeks!  YEAH!!!  So I best be hustling my bustle for the Challenge of Music I'm participating in with Erin Prais-Hintz!  :o)  I know the reveal isn't until Leap Day (so does that make it a blog leap instead of a blog hop?) but there's a pretty good chance my beads will be in transit at that time.  So I'm going to get right on that!

If you haven't signed up for Erin's challenge yet, what the heck are you waiting for.  There's no judging, no prizes.  It's truly just for fun and to help us all break our creativity out of the winter blues.  So head over to her blog right this very minute and sign up!  Sign ups close tomorrow (Feb. 4th!)

Have yourself a merry little weekend!


Saturday Sequins said...


Oh! Oh! I want to go to Barbados, too!!! I'm totally up for some warm weather.

Loving the necklace. Very pretty, and very versatile!

Beadwright said...

I love it when people tell me they are wearing my jewelry to other places. It is a good feeling.

Therese's Treasures said...

Congratulations on your traveling jewelry and that you get to move into your new house in a couple of weeks. I have signed up for the Music Challenge and looking forward to it. I have so many songs in my head I just really need to pick one.

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