Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Challenge of MUSIC - Blog Leap to Celebrate Music

When we were challenged by my good friend Erin Prais-Hintz from Treasures Found, to find a piece of music that spoke to us and turn that inspiration into a piece of jewelry, I dug into the recesses of my brain and yet, inspiration hit when I was driving.  Firefall's Just Remember I Love You came on XM and I was there... transported to a place of inspiration and seeing the jewelry I wanted to create.  So before we go further, doncha think you want to hear the song?  Yep, I thought so!  So here it is...

This song just speaks to me every time it comes on the stereo.  I'm a romantic at heart, so you KNOW that this is about to get all sappy up in here.  When Chris & I first started dating, he had gotten new truck.  He showed up at my work to surprise me.  Low and behold, when we got in the truck this song was playing on the radio.  Ever since then whenever it comes on the radio, up goes the volume and flutter goes my heart. 

The piece I created started with the focal.  The cab features a couple looking like they are saying goodbye before this man heads off to war.  It just really talked to me and I chose to pull out many of the colors from that focal to make the rest of the necklace.  I made a few accents featuring the green, pink and peach.  Then since the necklace was of fairly large scale I created a chain of beaded rings on either side of the necklace.

Pulling from the dark grey black & white vibe of the couple pictured, I pulled in some gunmetal chain and a gunmetal toggle to finish this design.  The toggle is a beautifully stamped Love toggle that has a heart charm dangling off it.  The beaded rings I created for the chain were adapted from Cynthia Rutledge's pattern in the June/July 2011 Beadwork Magazine. 

If you like the design, I have to give a big thank you to Sandy Spivey for creating this beautiful focal.  I loved this focal, and the one with the wolves that I used for a custom order prior to Christmas.  I went back to Sandy to ask her if she'd make a few custom cabs for me featuring my furbabies.  She was superb and worked with me to get the photos just right in the cabs.  SO if you'd like to connect with Sandy, she has an etsy store at:

Special thank you to Erin for organizing another wonderful challenge.  I love it when Erin pushes us to think outside of the box.  I hope you enjoy hearing my inspiration and seeing my bead embroidered jewelry I created from the heart.


To continue blog hopping, here's a list of all the other participants that have been inspired by music!
Malin de Koning
Dawn Doucette <--- YOU ARE HERE


Kristen said...

First I am making Michael add this to our library tonight and second I will always see this necklace when I listen to it!

Saturday Sequins said...

What a gorgeous necklace! Dawn, you went above and beyond for this challenge. <3

Therese's Treasures said...

Dawn, Wow that song brought back some memories. I love your necklace it is gorgeous and a lot of work. I like the cab and the 40's look to it.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks all!! This piece is really special... it spoke to me from beginning to end!

Have a fabulous day!

Christine Altmiller said...

LOVE Firefall!!! Always have, always will! This necklace is Bold and Soft at the same time...a lot like Love. The Romance is very much alive in this one :-) Your beadwork is spectacular!

marsspyder said...

Spectacular as always! You have definitely found your voice in bead embroidery. I totally see this song in your piece. I really, REALLY like the rings :)

Sandy Spivey said...

Dawn, your necklace is a spectacular piece of wearable art and you should be proud of it. I love the cab too but you pulled together a design as well as the perfect colors to make this a piece that speaks to the eyes and ears. I am very grateful you used one of my cabs, but you are the true artist! Thank you so much for promoting my cabs here on your blog. I am going to post a link and a picture of your necklace on my Facebook page to cross promote you as well. Thank you again, Sandy


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